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The holidays of Bosnia and Herzegovina include, in various jurisdictions:

Public Holidays

  Public holiday of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Public holiday of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Public holiday of Republic of Srpska
Date English name Local name Remarks
1-2 January New Year's Day Nova Godina
6 January Orthodox Christmas Eve Božić (Божић)
7 January Orthodox Christmas Božić (Божић)
9 January Republic Day Dan Republike The Bosnian Constitutional Court declared the annual holiday unconstitutional[1]
14 January Orthodox New Year Nova godina (Нова година) According to the Julian calendar
1 March Independence Day Dan nezavisnosti
... Catholic Easter Uskrs Easter always falls on a Sunday from 22 March to 25 April inclusive.
... Catholic Easter Monday Uskrsni ponedjeljak Easter Monday always falls on a Monday from 23 March to 26 April inclusive.
... Orthodox Easter Vaskrs (Васкрс)
1-2 May Labour Day Dan rada
9 May Victory Day Dan pobjede
28 June St. Vitus' Day Vidovdan
1 November All Saints Day Svi Sveti
21 November Dayton Agreement Day Dan uspostave Opšteg okvirnog sporazuma za mir u Bosni i Hercegovini
25 November Statehood Day Dan državnosti This holiday is celebrated in all cantons of the Federation entity except West Herzegovina
25 December Catholic Christmas Božić
10th day of Dhul Hijja Eid al-Adha Kurban Bajram Religious holiday for 4 days
1st day of Shawwal Eid al-Fitr Ramazanski Bajram Religious holiday for 3 days

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