The following days are public holidays in Vatican City, as published each year by the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household.[1] It largely corresponds to events in the liturgical year of the Catholic Church.

Date English Name Local Name Remarks
1 January Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God Maria Santissima Madre di Dio
6 January Epiphany Epifania del Signore
11 February Lateran Treaty Day Anniversario della istituzione dello Stato della Città del Vaticano Commemorates the 1929 signing of the Lateran Treaty, which established Vatican City as a sovereign state
13 March Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis Anniversario dell'Elezione del Santo Padre Marks the election of Pope Francis on March 13, 2013. Varies with each reigning pope.
19 March Saint Joseph's Day San Giuseppe
Monday after Easter Easter Monday Lunedì dell'Angelo
23 April Saint George Onomastico del Santo Padre Name day of Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
1 May Saint Joseph the Worker San Giuseppe lavoratore
29 June Saints Peter and Paul Santi Pietro e Paolo
15 August Assumption Day Assunzione di Maria in Cielo
8 September Nativity of Mary Festa della natività della madonna
1 November All Saints Tutti i santi, Ognissanti
8 December Immaculate Conception Immacolata Concezione
25 December Christmas Day Natale
26 December St. Stephen's Day Santo Stefano

In addition, all Sundays of the year are public holidays as well.

By tradition, the election anniversary and the name day of the civilian name of the reigning pope are public holidays.[2] Since the 2009 publication, the feasts of the Ascension of Christ and Corpus Christi are not listed.[3]

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