Bath–Granville ministry
Earl of Bath
Earl Granville
Bath (top) and Granville (bottom)

The Bath–Granville ministry,[1] better known as the "short-lived" ministry or derisively as the "Silly Little Ministry",[according to whom?] was a ministry of Patriot Whigs that existed briefly in February 1746.

On 10 February, with the resignation of Henry Pelham and the Cobhamites, William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath, undertook the formation of a ministry with John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville, the former Northern Secretary. However, it only lasted two days, collapsing on 12 February (even before all the ministers could be appointed), and Pelham was reappointed by the King to resume the Broad Bottom ministry on 14 February.[2]


Below are Bath's appointments before he abandoned the attempt to form a ministry; it does not appear that either Carlisle or Winchilsea actually received the seals of office from the King.[clarification needed]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office
First Lord of the Treasury[3]*10 February 1746 (1746-02-10)12 February 1746 (1746-02-12)
Lord Privy Seal[4]10 February 1746 (1746-02-10)12 February 1746 (1746-02-12)
First Lord of the Admiralty[3]10 February 1746 (1746-02-10)12 February 1746 (1746-02-12)
*10 February 1746 (1746-02-10)12 February 1746 (1746-02-12)

Other appointments which had been determined upon but not made, according to contemporary rumour,[example needed] were:



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Preceded byFirst Broad Bottom ministry Government of Great Britain 10–12 February 1746 (1746-02-10 – 1746-02-12) Succeeded bySecond Broad Bottom ministry