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Wellington and Peel (1844)
Wellington and Peel (1844)

King William IV had dismissed the Whig government of Lord Melbourne on 14 November 1834 and asked the Duke of Wellington to form a government but he declined, instead recommending Sir Robert Peel. Peel was in Sardinia at the time, so the Duke of Wellington took control of the government in a caretaker capacity[1] until Peel returned and was able to form his government on 10 December.

List of Ministers

During the caretaker government there was no Cabinet.[2]

Office Name Date
Prime Minister
Secretary of State
Leader of the House of Lords
The Duke of Wellington 17 November 1834 –
 9 December 1834
Lord Chancellor The Lord Lyndhurst 21 November 1834
Chancellor of the Exchequer The Lord Denman 15 November 1834
Lords Commissioners of the Treasury The Duke of Wellington 21 November 1834
The Earl of Rosslyn
The Lord Ellenborough
Lord Maryborough
Sir John Beckett
Joseph Planta



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Preceded byFirst Melbourne ministry Government of the United Kingdom 1834 Succeeded byFirst Peel ministry