The River Sunar (also called Sonar) is a rain-fed river in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


The Sunar flows in the Bundelkhand region in Damoh district. Its overall length is more than 250 kilometres. It flows south to north like all Vindhyan rivers and Ganges system tributaries of central Indian rivers. It drains an approximately 12,000 square kilometre area of the southern boundary of Bundelkhand.


Sunar River originates in Sagar District from a small hilly region in kesli block. So its initial source is near Tada village around 80 kilometers from Sagar District.


There are many small tributaries of the Sunar. The most notable are the Bewas, Judi and Kopra Byarma rivers.


Villages and towns situated on the bank of the Sunar are kesli, Gadhakota, Hatta, Rehhli, Madiyado, Rangir narsighgarh and Maiher.


Coordinates: 23°37′48″N 79°03′50″E / 23.6299°N 79.0639°E / 23.6299; 79.0639