A Taoist temple (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: guàn, also called 道观 dàoguàn and 宫观, is a place where the Tao is observed and cultivated it is a place of worship in Taoism.

Structure and function can vary according to the Taoist school the temple belongs to. For example, guàn of the Quanzhen School are monasteries where celibate Taoist priests live.

The title gōng (traditional Chinese: ) "palace" is often used for large temples built with imperial or governmental patronage.[citation needed]

In front of the main gate are the holy statues of Dragon and Tiger. The Three Pure Ones are worshipped inside. Taoist temples are carved with Chinese characters like Fu (blessing), Shou (longevity), Ji (auspicious), reflecting the theme of long and fruitful life.[1]


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