The Ghost and Molly McGee
Created by
  • Bill Motz
  • Bob Roth
Voices of
Theme music composer
  • Michael Kramer
  • Allie Feder
Opening theme"The Ghost and Molly McGee Main Title Theme", performed by Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes20
Executive producers
ProducerBritta Reitman
EditorTony Molina
Running time22 minutes (two 11-minute segments)
Production companyDisney Television Animation
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
ReleaseOctober 1, 2021 (2021-10-01) –

The Ghost and Molly McGee is an American animated television series created by Bill Motz and Bob Roth[1][2] for Disney Channel. A sneak peek of the show's theme song was first shown on May 1, 2021, during the network's "Halfway to Halloween" event,[3] followed by the show's premiere on October 1, 2021.[4][5] On August 31, 2021, more than a month before it premiered, the series was renewed for a second season.[6]


In the Human Realm, 13-year-old optimist Molly McGee arrives in her new hometown of Brighton, only to discover a grumpy ghost named Scratch haunting her new house. Scratch curses Molly in an attempt to scare her away, however this backfires, forever binding him to her. After a rocky introduction to Molly's family, Scratch and Molly form a tentative friendship. Shortly thereafter, in the Ghost Realm, the level of misery in Brighton decreases slightly; the Ghost Council's Chairman notices this.[7]

While initially antagonistic toward her, Scratch opens up to Molly with time, and their friendship strengthens.




Brighton[7] citizens


Guest stars


The animated series was first conceived by co-creators Bill Motz and Bob Roth in 2007. The two of them had worked at Disney for years, with their first ever script being an episode of Darkwing Duck. At the time, the series was known as The Curse of Piper McGee and initially focused on the titular girl's family moving to Transylvania where she was cursed by a vampiric ghoul simply named the Count.[24] This version of the show was initially first pitched to Nickelodeon who passed on it. After fourteen years, the duo had completed work on Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures when Disney signed them an overall deal. They re-pitched the series, with the new title of The Curse of Molly McGee, where it got a positive response this time.[25]

On July 23, 2019, Disney Channel greenlit the series, which was to be produced by Disney Television Animation, and executive-produced by Motz, Roth, and Steve Loter.[26] On September 24, 2020, Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder joined the series in its lead roles.[8] The same day, the series was retitled The Ghost and Molly McGee.[8]

The crew used several songs as inspiration from the series.[27] Motz released a playlist featuring those songs throughout 2020 and part of 2021.[28]


Music from The Ghost and Molly McGee
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedOctober 1, 2021
LabelWalt Disney

The series' theme song was written by Allie Felder, Mike Kramer, Bill Motz and Bob Roth, and was performed by Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder.[29] Songs for the series are written by Rob Cantor, with each episode featuring a musical sequence of approximately 1 minute. The show's score is done by Michael Kramer.[29] An extended play album of some of the songs from the series was released on October 1, 2021.[30]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Rob Cantor (except where indicated)

1."The Ghost and Molly McGee Main Title Theme"Allie Feder, Bill Motz, Bob Roth & Michael KramerAshly Burch & Dana Snyder0:39
2."Together Forever" Burch & Snyder1:05
3."Awesome Best Friends Day" Burch0:44
4."Just Give" Burch1:20
5."Abraham Lincoln" Burch & Kelsey Grammer0:56


No.Title [31][32]Directed and storyboarded byWritten byOriginal air date [31][32]Prod.
code [33]
US viewers
1"The Curse"
"First Day Frights"
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Kat Ruzics
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Bill Motz & Bob Roth"Together Forever"
"Take a Second Chance on Me"
October 1, 2021 (2021-10-01)1010.34[34]

"The Curse": The McGee family moves into a decrepit house in their new hometown of Brighton that just so happens to be inhabited by Scratch, one of the worst ghosts in the Ghost Realm. Molly, the daughter, immediately "befriends" him who in his anger accidentally curses her so that he is forever tied to her. He tries to scare the family out of the house so that the curse can be broken, but Molly convinces the family to stay. Taking the advice of her Grandma Nin, she makes a Sal Phra Phum for Scratch who graciously accepts it under the condition he be fed. In the Ghost Realm, the chairman notices that Brighton's misery gauge went down.

"First Day Frights": Molly is nervous about her first day at school which Scratch tries to take advantage of, but she throws caution to the wind. She ends up upsetting influencer Andrea Davenport after mispronouncing her name[a] and becomes a pariah alongside similar student Libby. When Molly refuses to back down, Scratch yells at her; Andrea accidentally sees this and faints. Shocked at the sight of Molly with Andrea's body, everyone begins to insult her, but in an emphatic moment, Scratch possesses Andrea's body and tells everyone that Molly and Libby are cool. Molly claims Scratch does care about her, much to his chagrin.
2"Howlin' Harriet"
"The (Un)natural"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Noel Belknap, Johnny Castuciano, Cheyenne Curtis & Ryan Gillis
Story by : Charley Feldman
Teleplay by : Charley Feldman & Sammie Crowley
Story by : Bill Motz & Bob Roth
Teleplay by : Bill Motz & Bob Roth and Katie Greenway
"Who's Got the Goods?" & "I Need Toes"
"If You Believe"
October 2, 2021 (2021-10-02)1020.29[35]

"Howlin' Harriet": Molly wants to have a human best friend and filters it down to Kat, Sheela, and Libby who are all Wilder-Scouts. She decides to camp with them while Scratch deals with Geoff, a goofy ghost who claims to be his friend. On a camping trip, Molly seems to favor Sheela and Kat while Libby clumsily meanders through the woods. At night, Libby tells the story of Howlin' Harriet. Scratch decides to scare the kids until the real Harriet appears looking for her missing toes. Molly and Libby make toes for her and she leaves satisfied. Afterwards, Molly and Libby become best friends.

"The (Un)natural": Molly supports her school baseball team the Lemmings who are terrible. She decides to be their primary supporter and joins their team. She turns out to be just as bad and when the opposing team insults her, Scratch uses his powers to make her good. She is at first upset, but Scratch convinces her to go along with it, even though the team still has no spirit. On the last game, Molly decides to not use Scratch and the ball is hit, only for it to fly and be caught by Libby (with her face). Molly succeeds in raising her team's spirits while Scratch scares the opposing team's lead player to meet his daily scare quota.
3"Getting the Band(shell) Back Together"
"The Greatest Concert Ever"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Tom Bernardo
Katie Greenway
Paul Chang
"Just Give"
"Ordinary Guy" and "Orange Dreams"[b] (aka "When You At Least Expect It")
October 9, 2021 (2021-10-09)[c]1030.28[36]

"Getting the Band(shell) Back Together": The McGees go to a retirement home for volunteer work. Molly meets Patty who recalls Brighton's bandshell which was destroyed in a hurricane years ago and never rebuilt. Molly goes to the Mayor to pitch them to rebuild it, but they refuse, so she and Darryl collect money from everyone. They can afford the materials, but not the labor and Molly posts a community day. No one appears, much to her disappointment, but the retirees eventually show up, causing the rest of the town to come and finish building the bandshell. Molly suddenly realizes she has no one to play at it.

"The Greatest Concert Ever": Molly decides to get country superstar Kenny Star to play at the bandshell and even meticulously charted where his tour bus would be. Word gets out, forcing the McGees to respond. When they learn that it is his stunt double's bus, they head home dejected and forced to face the large crowd. Scratch gives into his empathy and finds a random tour bus, possesses the driver and races it back to Brighton. Just as Molly is about to tell everyone the bad news, Scratch arrives with the band, which turns out to be Darryl's favorite K-Pop group Atomic Pink. Everyone celebrates nonetheless.
4"Mama's Gotta Hustle"
"Hooray for Mollywood!"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Tom Caulfield & Kat Ruzics
Katie Greenway
Peter Limm
"Giggin' for a Livin'"
"Movie Magic" & "There Goes My Heart"
October 16, 2021 (2021-10-16)[c]1040.29[37]

"Mama's Gotta Hustle": The McGees' van breaks down and they are unable to cover the costs. Sharon decides to take on odd jobs via an app called Gig Pig with Molly and Scratch tagging along. Meanwhile, Pete and Darryl clean the basement and find a locked door and try to open it. Sharon and Molly get small increments with each job while Scratch gets harmed by animals that can see him. Eventually, Sharon manages to earn the required funds, but Pete and Darryl open the door and discover it was the water heater which they damage and need to cover that cost too. Despite this, Sharon decides to continue her efforts with Gig Pig.

"Hooray for Mollywood!": Disappointed with a horror movie she just saw, Molly decides to make her own with Libby, Darryl, and Scratch (posing as her Canadian cousin Carl). Their filming is less than stellar and they run into Andrea who offers to help them make their movie through her own connections. They get a studio to work with, but Andrea continues to make changes that result in all of them getting booted out. Molly decides to allow Scratch to perform a real haunt as revenge and he scares off the entire crew, ending production. Darryl filmed the carnage and they edit it together as their horror film.
5"Not So Honest Abe"
"The Best of Nin-tensions"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Johnny Castuciano
Story by : Malya Williams
Teleplay by : Malya Williams & Madison Bateman
Cynthia Furey
"Abraham Lincoln"
"Make You Make Up"
October 23, 2021 (2021-10-23)[c]1050.35[38]

"Not So Honest Abe": Molly has to put together a presentation about Abraham Lincoln. To convince Molly that he knows him, Scratch has Geoff pretend he is Lincoln. However, Geoff begins to feed false information to Molly, causing her grade to falter. Scratch finally locates Lincoln (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), who has him come to terms with the fact that he cares about Molly's opinion of him and wants her to think he is cool. He brings Lincoln back and he helps Molly put together a rocking presentation that grants her an A+. Scratch apologizes for lying to Molly, but then lies that he knows Albert Einstein when the science project comes up.

"The Best of Nin-tensions": Molly invites Grandma Nin over and it quickly becomes apparent that there is tension between her and Sharon. Molly and Scratch try to mend their relationship, but things get worse. They are convinced that Nin is upset because Sharon eloped with Pete and try to have a traditional Thai wedding. This fails too, and Molly finally has them confront their feelings. Nin was upset that Sharon gave up on her dream to be an artist and even brought back her paintbrushes to remind her of her passion. Nin and Sharon make up and the former leaves on good terms while Scratch demands more snacks.
6"Mazel Tov, Libby!"
"No Good Deed"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Tom Bernardo
Peri Segel
Story by : Jase Rlccl & Sammie Crowley
Teleplay by : Sammie Crowley
"My Best Friend's Bat Mitzvah"
"It's Nice to be Nice" by Pugwash
October 30, 2021 (2021-10-30)1060.33[39]

"Mazel Tov, Libby!": Libby invites Molly to her Bat Mitzvah and becomes excited after seeing videos about the ceremony. However, when Molly arrives, she is surprised to find that it is very plain and that she is the only guest. With Scratch and her family's help, Molly spruces up the ceremony. Libby becomes unnerved by the abundance of guests and changes. She tries to get through it, but breaks down. Realizing that she was going against her friend's wishes, Molly drives everyone off by releasing bats (brought by Scratch based on his confusion over the ceremony), and she spends personal time with Libby and her family for the rest of the night.

"No Good Deed": Darryl gets in trouble at school and asks Molly to teach him how to be good. Despite some trouble, things seem to work out. However, unbeknownst to Molly, Darryl uses her nice lessons as a way to get rid of the teachers by sending them to prison, not understanding that he needs to be nice to them too. Molly, Darryl, and Scratch go to rescue them, but the teachers, who were previously arguing, think they are doing a team-building exercise and manage to escape from prison, blissfully unaware of the trouble they were in. With the teachers on better speaking terms, Darryl does not learn his lesson, much to Molly's chagrin.
7"The Turnip Twist"
"All Systems No"
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Waymond Singleton
Johnny Castuciano
Madison Bateman
Sammie Crowley
"The Turnip Twist"
"Awesome Best Friends Day"
November 6, 2021 (2021-11-06)1090.30[40]

"The Turnip Twist": In order to defeat Perfektborg in next month's issue of Midwest Monthly, the Mayor places Molly and Pete in charge of a Turnip Festival. Scratch is threatened by the Ghost Council that if the festival is a success he will be tossed to the Flow of Failed Phantoms. Eva, the inspector, ends up enjoying the festival, but when Scratch tells Geoff what will happen, he ruins Brighton's chances of winning, making Pete very upset, but saving Scratch from punishment. However, due to the festival going viral, tourists proceed to book their stay at Brighton's motel for next year, making Brighton's misery meter go down anyway.

"All Systems No": Molly and Scratch challenge each other to only say "yes" and "no" respectively for the whole day, via another curse. Meanwhile, the rest of the McGee family try to remove a bee from the house. Grandma Nin tells them to harm the bee, but that only results in more bees showing up. The bet between Molly and Scratch ends up backfiring on the duo, as Molly ends up being miserable saying yes to everything, while Scratch is forced to give up a major opportunity with the Ghost Council. They swap for the rest of the day and return home where they help get rid of the bees without harming them.
8"Monumental Disaster"
"Talent Show"
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano & Sam King
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld & Sam King
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Story by : Ricky Roxburgh & Paul Chang
Teleplay by : Paul Chang
Story by : Katie Greenway & Peter Limm
Teleplay by : Peter Limm
"The Ballad of Ezekiel Tugbottom/Sally Tugbottom"
"I Have a Voice" & "Obstruction"
November 13, 2021 (2021-11-13)1080.29[41]

"Monumental Disaster": Brighton praises its hero Ezekiel "Tug" Tugbottom by unveiling his statue. Molly meets his ghost and while impressed at first, she quickly discovers that he is an arrogant blowhard who in no way lives up to his heroic legacy. With Libby's help, she learns that Ezekiel was lazy and that his older sister Sally was the true hero of Brighton. As she exposes this information, Ezekiel attacks her and ends up destroying his own statue. Luckily, Scratch arrives with Sally's ghost and her bear to stop him. Inspired by the new information, the Mayor rightfully erects a statue of Sally instead.

"Talent Show": Libby accidentally signs up to perform in the talent show when she was trying to sign up for the tech crew. Molly pushes her to go forward with a singing act, only to learn that she is terrible at it. Scratch wants her to fail miserably, as talent shows are considered high on misery points, but Molly does everything she can to stop her from performing without explaining why. Eventually, Molly tells Libby the truth, but she decides to go on anyway by turning her singing act into a spoken verse poetry act. It ends up working, much to Scratch's disappointment. Molly agrees to be more honest with Libby, except when it comes to Scratch.
9"Scratch the Surface"
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Kat Ruzics
Sammie Crowley
Paul Chang
"It's a Lose-Lose"
"One Best Friend/Two Best Friends"
November 20, 2021 (2021-11-20)1100.33[42]

"Scratch the Surface": Molly is saddened by the fact that she cannot tell Libby about her adventures with Scratch. He tells her that as more people know about him, he becomes less scary, and could even lose his job. She decides to create an alter ego named Millie so that she can tell Libby anything. Libby sees through the disguise, becomes suspicious of Molly's actions and chases her through Brighton. When Libby finally confronts her, she believes that Molly no longer wants to be friends with her. Scratch finally allows Molly to tell Libby the truth and she is able to see him for the first time, only to faint.

"Friend-Off": Libby is shocked at Scratch's existence and immediately does not like him due to his personality (and vice versa). However, Molly thinks they can be friends and plots a scavenger hunt to get the two to work together. Over time, Scratch and Libby turn the whole thing into a competition to see who Molly's real best friend is. Molly ends up getting in trouble by falling into a compost machine and Scratch and Libby put aside their differences and work together to free her. Ultimately, the two realize that they have a lot in common and proceed to playfully mock some of Molly's own habits, much to her annoyance.
10"Festival of Lights"
"Saving Christmas"
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Peri Segel
Peter Limm
"Deep Fried Food" & "History of Hanukkah"
"Christmas in Brighton"
November 27, 2021 (2021-11-27)1110.37[43]

"Festival of Lights": The McGees and Scratch spend time with the Stein-Torres family on the last day of Hanukkah. A power outage occurs all throughout Brighton, but Ms. Stein-Torres has a backup generator, causing everyone to stay in her store for the time being. The McGees and Scratch take part in various Jewish traditions such as a game of dreidel, miracle boxes, storytelling, and (in Scratch's case) eating greasy foods. The generator, expected to last only one hour, ends up lasting eight hours. Thankfully, the power comes back on and Molly tells Libby that she had a wonderful time spending Hanukkah with her.

"Saving Christmas": During the Snowflake Celebration, all the Christmas lights in town suddenly burn out, causing celebrations to be cancelled. Molly, and even Andrea, ask Mr. Davenport to help by contributing more decorations, but greedily turns them down. Scratch and the McGees try to pull a Christmas Carol event on him, but he sees through it. With Molly's spirits dashed, Scratch makes a solo effort, and Mr. Davenport discovers that Andrea is sad as she wanted to be the Snow Queen for the celebration. With his change of heart, Mr. Davenport, Scratch, and the McGees repair the town decorations just in time for Christmas.
11"Ice Princess"
"Ready, Set, Snow!"
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Waymond Singleton
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Fadia Alhallak
Peter Limm
Sammie Crowley
"Second Chance"
"Snow Day"
February 12, 2022 (2022-02-12)1120.24[44]

"Ice Princess": Everyone panics as a major snow storm is about to hit Brighton. Scratch reveals that it is caused by the spirit of a failed ice skater named Sonia Davis (a parody of real life Olympic figure skater and movie star Sonja Henie). The McGees visit her as she tries to perfect her routine, but needs a partner. Pete is revealed to be a former ice skater himself and becomes Sonia's partner, but she threatens to freeze Brighton forever if their routine fails. The two of them perform flawlessly, but fail at their very last move. Instead of being angry, Sonia realizes that she had a lot of fun and gives up on winning, finally able to pass on.

"Ready, Set, Snow!": Brighton gets a snow day, and Molly calls Libby to ask her and Scratch to play in the snow. Instead, they want to try hygge and keep warm. Angry, Molly tries to get Geoff, Sharon, Pete and Grandma Nin to go out with her, but they all end up joining Scratch and Libby. Darryl, who was outside, finds it unbearable and also joins the hygge. In a deranged state, Molly heads outside to enjoy the snow by herself. Despite being miserable and cold, she refuses to stop playing. Scratch finally convinces her to join the hygge, only for everyone to become too warm and head outside after all, to Molly's frustration.
12"Game Night"
"The Don't-Gooder"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld & Sam King
Storyboarded by : Kat Ruzics
Peter Limm
Cynthia Furey
"Win Is On My Mind"
"You're Hardly Working"
February 19, 2022 (2022-02-19)[d]1070.31[46]

"Game Night": To get out of cleaning the downstairs bathroom, Scratch exploits the McGees' weakness for a board game titled Mega City, a game that Sharon is apparently lousy at and thus refuses to play. Scratch cheats and wins, forcing the McGees to clean the bathroom instead of him, but Sharon finally decides to confront him with a winner-take-all situation. It turns out that Sharon is actually a former Mega City champion (she used to lose to her family to spare their feelings) and completely annihilates Scratch with little effort. Scared of her ego, Pete takes the game and buries it and Scratch does the cleaning.

"The Don't-Gooder": Molly becomes infuriated by the attention Andrea has been receiving for doing charity work, despite her not actually doing much in comparison to Molly. She attempts to outdo her by selling nougat bars, but Andrea outsells her. With Scratch's help, they discover that Andrea bought all the bars herself and Molly decides to recruit Darryl to help expose her at a school event. She regrets this after realizing that Andrea was seeking the approval of her disinterested parents, and manages to cover for her when she gets exposed. Back at home, Molly embraces her parents while Scratch eats all of Andrea's nougat bars.
13"Innocent Until Proven Ghostly"
"Twin Trouble"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : June VanOtterdyk
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Paul Chang
Cynthia Furey
"Silly McGee"
February 26, 2022 (2022-02-26)1130.24[47]

"Innocent Until Proven Ghostly": Pete's anniversary cake, which he baked himself, is eaten. The family blames Scratch, so Molly holds a trial. Sharon, Darryl, and even Pete are all questioned, but they all have alibis. They discover ectoplasm under the plate, further convincing them that Scratch is the culprit, but he still claims innocence. When Molly realizes that carob is one of the ingredients, she reveals to her family that Scratch has a severe carob allergy, proving his innocence. The McGees apologize for doubting him and the cake is revealed to have been eaten by Geoff, who thought it was for him.

"Twin Trouble'": Pete dreads the arrival of his twin older siblings Billy and Jilly, who unintentionally torment and bully him. His sadness results in the arrival of Sobgoblins, whom Scratch is afraid of as they feed off of depression. Molly tries to fight them off, but she too succumbs to them as does a powerless Sharon. However, upon seeing Darryl beginning to emulate the twins, Pete finally chastises his siblings who solemnly admit that they think of him as a success compared to them. The Sobgoblins are about to drain them, but the McGees all forgive and forget and hug to finally defeat them.
14"Goat Your Own Way"
"A Very Hungry Ghost"
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Fadia Alhallak
Cynthia Furey
Peri Segel
March 5, 2022 (2022-03-05)1140.25[48]

"Goat Your Own Way": Molly is tasked with training a goat named Totes for the county fair; however, she is unable to comply with the strict regimen and tries the "Molly Method" which only results in Totes getting fat. Meanwhile, Scratch uses the proper training technique on Pete so that he can get Scratch his own personal fried food platter. The final day comes and Totes ends up eating Scratch's hard-earned platter, resulting in the McGees and Totes being banned from the fair. Realizing that she should have just listened to her mom and follow the proper procedures, Molly has Totes trim the Brighton City Park where he ends up losing weight.

"A Very Hungry Ghost": Grandma Nin visits to help a competitive Molly and Darryl celebrate Sart Duan Sib while Pete and Sharon go camping. The special day is meant to be a feast for ghosts, exciting Scratch, but he must invite other guests. He intends to only bring Geoff, but after being told by Scratch to "not tell nobody" (a double negative), Geoff ends up inviting even more ghosts. Soon, the Ghost Council arrives as well, forcing Molly to pretend that she is under servitude to Scratch. Thankfully, the Council leaves satisfied after having a nice meal. Scratch fails to get any food, but Nin offers to order him a pizza.
15"Scare Tactics"
"Bad Boy Bobby Daniels"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Waymond Singleton
Sammie Crowley
Paul Chang
"Playing Hooky"
"The Bad Boy of Brighton"
March 12, 2022 (2022-03-12)1150.21[49]

"Scare Tactics": Scratch and Geoff attend a yearly scaring seminar, but play hooky during the class. Meanwhile, Molly is left home alone until she learns that Darryl's pet tarantula Heidi Hairylegs is loose. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to capture her. Scratch has to perform a scare tactic to the Chairman or risk getting sent to the Flow of Failed Phantoms. Geoff saves him by claiming that he invented a new tactic and peeking in on Molly, they see her horribly frightened and think Scratch was responsible. After he returns from the seminar, Molly reveals that they cannot enter the house because Heidi had babies.

"Bad Boy Bobby Daniels": Patty reveals that her long lost love Bobby Daniels mysteriously abandoned her when she was younger and Molly and Scratch decide to look for him. They find him at a library where he has become very homely. Despite his failure to return to his bad-boy self, Molly reunites him with Patty. When she reminds him why he left, Bobby claims that she sent him a letter. Suddenly, a masked rider kidnaps him and Molly, Scratch and Patty give chase and learn that Linda, Patty's best friend, split them because she did not want to lose her. With everything resolved, Patty and Bobby resume their relationship.
16"Citizen McGee"
"The Internship"
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Peter Limm
Cynthia Furey
"Go Back to City Hall"
June 11, 2022 (2022-06-11)1160.19[50]

"Citizen McGee": Molly volunteers for the "Mayor for a Day" position, but Mayor Brunson gives her the job permanently as he finds it stressful. Molly sets up a syrup-powered slide as part of "enhappifying" the town, but this attracts horseflies that swarm the citizens. Molly and Scratch find Brunson who does not want to return, but his new lease on life is not all that much better. Molly calls upon the ghosts of the previous mayors who convince Brunson to take his job back, and he saves the town. While Molly is sad she was not a good mayor, Brunson tells her that she will make a good mayor one day through time and experience.

"The Internship": Molly is assigned to be an intern to Weird Larry at his cluttered pawn shop, which she believes is "where dreams go to die". She tries to get out of it, but when that fails, she tries to make the store cleaner and more efficient, but this saddens Larry who had it organized his way. She finally learns the error of her ways when Larry shows off his mechanical dragon made from discarded junk. Meanwhile, Scratch hires an intern named Reggie, but mistreats him as a servant. When Reggie tells the Council that he actually learned positive things from Scratch, he is promoted to be his boss instead, much to Scratch's chagrin.
17"The Lucky Penny"
"Lock, Stock, and Peril"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : June VanOtterdyk
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Fadia Alhallak
Paul Chang
Sammie Crowley
"Good Luck, Bad Luck"
"No More Distractions"
June 18, 2022 (2022-06-18)1170.18[51]

"The Lucky Penny": Libby is concerned with Friday the 13th as her bad luck tends to increase during that time. Molly offers to give her her good luck for the day and Scratch enchants a penny with Molly's good luck and gives it to Libby. Libby experiences a good day, while Molly begins to suffer. However, they accidentally drop the penny into Andrea's purse, resulting in her getting too lucky and unknowingly absorbing everyone's luck and creating nearby disasters. Libby is forced to counteract it and successfully gets the penny back. She decides to give the good luck back to Molly as she finds it too stressful for her.

"Lock, Stock, and Peril": The McGees are trying to fix a broken fuse after Scratch knocked out the power while using the bathroom. Molly accidentally locks the door to the basement, trapping Sharon, Pete and Darryl in there. While they panic and cause internal conflict, Molly and Scratch go to get help from Weird Larry, only to get distracted by everything and miss him several times throughout the day. Molly is finally forced to overcome her absent-mindedness and has Scratch possess Weird Larry so that they can drive back to the house and get him to finally unlock the door. Molly apologizes for getting distracted.
18"Out of House and Home"
"Home is Where the Haunt Is"
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : Alayna Cabral
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Waymond Singleton
Cynthia Furey
Paul Chang
"They All Pitch In"
"Everything is Totally Normal"
June 25, 2022 (2022-06-25)1180.17[52]

"Out of House and Home": While trying to clean the gutters, Pete falls off the roof and ends up in the hospital. The McGees find themselves with an exorbitant bill, requiring Molly, Darryl, and Sharon to find quick ways to make money while a very compliant Scratch performs all the house duties and cares for Pete. As usual, things do not go so smoothly for the McGees as their family dynamic changes. Luckily, they manage to get all the money and send it to the hospital, only for realtor Candace Green to inform them that they did not pay their mortgage, forcing the McGees to move out and leaving Scratch all alone.

"Home is Where the Haunt Is": The McGees are forced to live in their van in the woods. Molly continues to go to school, but tells Libby that everything is fine, though she can clearly see through her lies. Meanwhile, Scratch tries to scare away any potential buyers, until Candace gets the attention of a creepy expectant couple who like Scratch. Scratch begs Candace to not sell, and she allows the McGees to at least say goodbye to the house. Fortunately, Andrea, who saw the McGees' living conditions, convinced Brighton to help them buy their house back. The McGees happily reunite with Scratch and their house.
19"Scaring is Caring"
"All Night Plight"
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Steve Hirt
Directed by : Sam King
Storyboarded by : June VanOtterdyk
Peri Segel
Sammie Crowley & Cynthia Furey
"Prepare to Be Scared"
"Perfect Memory"
July 2, 2022 (2022-07-02)1190.20[53]

"Scaring is Caring": Scratch puts off his scare report until the last minute and to make matters worse, he is now filled with "joy", gradually making him smaller, cuter, and unable to perform his tasks efficiently. Molly decides to fill in for him and is further motivated when Scratch laughs at her notion. At the ghost doctor, Scratch is told that he needs to find his fear while Molly tries and fails miserably to scare people around Brighton. In the end, Scratch gets scared when he sees Molly in danger and he reverts to his usual self while rescuing her, ironically meaning that she technically scared him successfully.

"All Night Plight": Molly wants to hold a gathering for herself, Libby, and Scratch to watch a rare comet fly over Brighton. Molly has her mother drive out to the country due to the city's light pollution and things get even more complicated as a drowsy Libby behaves like a fantasy hero and Scratch desperately tries to order something to eat as the snacks were left at home. After Libby scares a herd of buffalo towards them, Molly admits to a frustrated Scratch that she wanted one perfect memory for all of them to remember. Scratch becomes a hot air balloon and flies Molly and Libby above the overcast sky so that they can finally see the comet.
20"The Jig is Up"
"Molly vs. The Ghost World"
Directed by : Stephen Heneveld
Storyboarded by : Megan Fisher
Directed by : Johnny Castuciano
Storyboarded by : Fadia Alhallak
Madison Bateman"Killjoy"
July 9, 2022 (2022-07-09)1200.15[54]

"The Jig is Up": The Ghost Council discovers that joy has increased in Brighton and sends Jinx, a joy hunter, to watch over Scratch. He continuously attempts to dissuade her but is later horrified to learn that ghosts spread misery because the Chairman feeds off of it. He finally manages to get rid of her and get back with Molly, but Jinx returns and discovers Molly as the source of Brighton's joy. She attempts to kill her, but Scratch stands between them. Realizing that Scratch has befriended a human this entire time, Jinx takes him away to be punished; leaving Molly distraught.

"Molly vs. The Ghost World": The McGees and Libby are all concerned for Scratch's well-being. However, Molly calls upon Geoff to aid them. Thanks to Geoff's portal, Molly becomes a Wraith, someone who is not dead, but still a ghost. Her mere existence in the Ghost Realm causes joy to be spread whenever she touches anything. She manages to reach Scratch at his trial, but the Council decides to send Molly, Scratch, and Geoff to the flow of failed phantoms. However, Molly's joy overpowers the flow and frees every ghost while she disintegrates the Chairman with a single touch. Everyone returns home back in the Human World.


Chibi Tiny Tales

Shortly after the series premiere, The Ghost and Molly McGee became the latest to join the Chibi Tiny Tales series.

No.TitleOriginal release date
1"Scratch Haunts the Chibiverse"October 3, 2021 (2021-10-03)[55]
Scratch is tasked by the Chairman to raise his scare chart, and does so by scaring other Disney Channel characters.
2"Molly's Haunted Mansion"October 8, 2021 (2021-10-08)[56]
Molly and Scratch visit the Haunted Mansion, but their antics start to get on the ghosts' nerves.
3"Scratch's Sugar Rush"October 17, 2021 (2021-10-17)[57]
After getting a taste of Halloween candy, Scratch becomes candy-obsessed to the point that he sees everything as candy.
4"The War of Décor"April 3, 2022 (2022-04-03)[58]
Molly and Scratch go back and forth redecorating their room, each one trying to make it fit their personal tastes.
5"Springtime for Mama Scratch"May 1, 2022 (2022-05-01)[59]
As Spring begins to bloom, all the baby animals mistake Scratch for their mothers.

Broken Karaoke

Part of the Broken Karaoke series that was started by Big City Greens.

No.TitleOnline release date
1"Broken Scary-oke"December 5, 2021 (2021-12-05)[60]
Scratch sings his own versions of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "I Have a Little Dreidel".
2"I Just Wanna Eat Bread"August 13, 2022 (2022-08-13)[61]
Scratch and Molly sing their own version of "Exceptional Zed" from Zombies 3 by singing about how much they love bread and salad.

Theme Song Takeover

As part of a promotional campaign, Disney Channel began airing the Disney Theme Song Takeover wherein supporting characters from different shows performed the theme song to the series they were in.

No.TitleOnline release date
1"Andrea Theme Song Takeover"June 12, 2022 (2022-06-12)[62]
Andrea attempts to take over the show with The Most Fab Andrea Show, much to Molly and Scratch's displeasure. However, Scratch has the last laugh as he scares away a pony, resulting in the dismantling of Andrea's vain efforts.


The Ghost and Molly McGee premiered on Disney Channel on October 1, 2021.[4] The first five episodes of the series were added to Disney+ on October 6, resulting in episodes 3-5 being released ahead of their televised premieres.[63] The first episode was uploaded to YouTube on October 2, 2021, but has since been removed.[64]


Critical reception

Kate Robertson of Stuff described the main characters as a pair forming an "unlikely friendship" who help each other evolve, describing Molly as "an optimist [...] who just wants to make the world a better place" and Scratch as a "pessimist who hopes for the worst," and stated that the series is "funny, charming and an all-round joy to watch."[65] Ashley Moulton of Common Sense Media rated the series 4 out of 5 stars and depicted it as a "funny ghost-girl buddy story...[with] mild ghoulish scares." She also stated that younger kids will be spooked when ghosts transform, but older kids will not, stated that ghosts are "a bit rough around the edges" and there is some cartoon violence. However, she stated that human characters act in a more positive manner, stated that the show's protagonist, Molly, is a "great role model", compared the series to Monsters, Inc. but called it a "charming, sweetly spooky animated series."[66]


The series received a nomination for Outstanding Achievement for Storyboarding in an Animated Television/Media Production at the 2022 Annie Awards.[67]


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