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The Washington Afro American
The Washington Afro-American Newspaper Office Building, former site of The Washington Afro American newsroom, located in the Logan Circle neighborhood (2009).
TypeWeekly newspaper
Founder(s)John H. Murphy, Sr.
PublisherFrances Draper
PresidentBenjamin M. Phillips
EditorMicha Green, Washington D.C. Editor
FoundedAugust 13, 1892; 131 years ago (August 13, 1892)
Headquarters1531 S. Edgewood St. Suite B, Baltimore, MD 21227 U.S.
Circulation25,000 (as of 2019)[1]
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The Washington Afro-American newspaper is the Washington, D.C., edition of The Afro-American Newspaper.


The newspaper was founded in 1892 by Civil War veteran Sgt. John H. Murphy, Sr. Murphy merged his church publication, The Sunday School Helper, with two other church publications, The Ledger and The Afro-American, and the publication rose to prominence under the control of his tenth-born child, Carl J. G. Murphy, who served as its editor for 45 years. There have been as many as 13 editions of the newspaper in major cities across the country; today, there are just two: one in Baltimore, the other in Washington, D.C.[2]

Call numbers

Because of its varied titles over the years, The Washington Afro-American has received numerous different call numbers from the Library of Congress and OCLC:

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