Categorieslifestyle magazine
PublisherPaige Publications[1]
FounderRobert L. Johnson[1]
First issueSeptember 1991
Final issueOctober 1996
CountryUnited States
Based in3109 M Street NW,
Washington, D.C.

YSB, an acronym for Young Sisters and Brothers, was an African American monthly lifestyle magazine, in print publication from 1991 until 1996.[2][1] The magazine was founded by Robert L. Johnson as a subsidiary of BET.[3][1][4] It was the first national African American lifestyle magazine specifically for teenagers age 13 to 19.[5][6][7] It was designed to build teenagers self-esteem,[8] and marketed for the "hip-hop generation".[2][1]


YSB debuted the first issue in September 1991.[9] The magazine offered news stories on music, fashion, as well as then-current issues facing teens including substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.[10][11] BET's publishing division also published Emerge magazine, BET Weekend, and Heart & Soul magazine.[12][13] Contributors to the magazine included Kenji Jasper (journalist),[14] Jelani Cobb (journalist),[15] Frank Dexter Brown (editor),[16] Fo Wilson (also known as Folayemi Wilson; creative director),[17] and Lance Pettiford (creative director).[18]

Shortly before the last issue in October 1996, BET and Microsoft joined efforts to publish the print magazine online, and at the time only 11% of African American households had access to the internet at home (compared to 29% of white households at this same time).[10][19] The magazine had been operating at an annual loss of almost $2 million prior to closure.[2][10]

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