The Baptist Vanguard
TypeBi-weekly newspaper
SchoolArkansas Baptist College
Founder(s)Elias Camp Morris
Editor-in-chiefElias Camp Morris (1882–1884),
Joseph Albert Booker (1887–1926)
Foundedc. 1882
CityLittle Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
OCLC number28427823

The Baptist Vanguard is a Black Baptist newspaper published in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.. It is formerly known as Arkansas Times,[1] and The Arkansas Baptist.[2] It is the longest running African American newspaper in the state of Arkansas; and was founded roughly c. 1882.[3][4]

The paper was founded as a bi-weekly publication by Elias Camp Morris; who later went on to co-found in 1884 the Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock.[1] The newspaper is affiliated with the college. Joseph Albert Booker served as the managing editor from 1887 to 1926; as well as served as president of the college.[5]

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