Tozhu Tuvans
Тугалар / Тухалар
a Tozhu Tuvan man, Iy (Ий) River, 1897
Total population
4,442 (2002)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Tozhu Tuvan, Russian
Tibetan Buddhism, Tengrism
Related ethnic groups
Other Tuvans, Dukhans, Tofalars, Soyots, Samoyeds,[3] several other Turkic peoples and Uriankhai Mongols

The Tozhu Tuvans, Tozhu Tuvinians, Todzhan Tuvans or Todzhinians (own name: Тугалар Tugalar or Тухалар Tukhalar; Russian Тувинцы-тоджинцы Tuvincy-todžincy, Тоджинцы Todžincy) are a Turkic subgroup of the Tuvans living in Todzhinsky District of Tuva Republic. The Tozhu Tuvans are reindeer herders.[4]


The language of Tozhu Tuvan people is a subdialect of Eastern (or Northeastern) dialect of Tuvan language.[citation needed] The Tozhu Tuvan dialect is classified as part of the Taiga Sayan Turkic branch of Sayan Turkic along with Tere-Khöl Tuvan, while most other Tuvan dialects are classified as part of the Steppe Sayan Turkic branch.[3]


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