Created byMichele Hanson
Christine Roche
Based onTreasure: Trials of a Teenage Terror by Michele Hanson
Developed byAaron Simpson
Directed byFrançois Perreault
Voices of
ComposersMichel Corriveau
Robert Marchand
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (26 segments) (8 episodes missing)
Executive producers
  • David Ferguson
  • Helen Nabarro
  • Colin Rose
  • Cassandra Schafhausen
  • Sylvie Bringas
  • Orly Yadin
Running time24 minutes
Production companies
Original release
NetworkUnited Kingdom:
ABC Kids
Release13 September 2000 (2000-09-13) –
17 December 2001 (2001-12-17)

Treasure is an animated television series that ran from 13 September 2000 until 17 December 2001 and aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom, ABC Kids in Australia, and YTV in Canada. It aired for 1 season of 13 episodes. The series was based on the popular newspaper column of the same name by Michele Hanson which became a book, Treasure: The Trials of a Teenage Terror (Virago Press, 2001, ISBN 1-85381-711-2), published under the pseudonym Gina Davidson.[1] Treasure chronicles the life of Michele Hanson's daughter, Amy Hanson.[2] 17 years later, Hanson died on 2 March 2018 at the age of 75.[3]


The characters were designed by illustrator Christine Roche.[4]

This show was aimed at an older audience than most other works by CINAR (now known as "WildBrain"), and was consequently able to discuss darker themes and make more use of profanity.

Like Bob & Margaret (another Canadian-made television series), this show was set in England, but added with darker themes.

Major characters

Telecast and home media

Treasure was aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom, ABC Kids in Australia, and YTV in Canada. The series never saw a home release of any kind, and in online, thus most of it is considered lost media.


Of the 13 episodes that originally aired, only five are currently known to survive online.

Episode No. Episode Title Air Date Description
1 "When Mum Met Brian"/"Grandma's Room" 13 September 2000
  • When Mum Met Brian - When the man Mum was dating cheats on her, she looks for someone else to date and eventually meets Brian.
  • Grandma's Room - Treasure and Grandma get their bedrooms redecorated.
2 "Little Black Dress"/"Night Club" 20 September 2000
  • Little Black Dress - Treasure buys a short black dress that she plans to wear while going out with her friends later that night, something Mum doesn't approve of.
  • Night Club - Treasure wants to go out to a night club called the Strobe, but Mum is hesitant to let her go.
3 "A Feminine Mystique"/"Treasure's Party" 27 September 2000 Episode missing
4 "The Goldfish Murderer"/"The Big Sleepover" 11 October 2000
  • The Goldfish Murderer - Treasure discovers that her goldfish are sick, and while she manages to save them for a while, an oddball friend of hers makes it worse.
  • The Big Sleepover - Treasure wants a male friend of hers to spend the night at her house, but Mum disapproves, worried about what might happen when Treasure is left alone in her bedroom with a boy.
5 "Dog's Eyeball"/"What Do We Want" 25 October 2000 Episode missing
6 "Two Wheels Good"/"Grandma Wins Prize" 8 November 2000 Episode missing
7 "Treasure is Not Stupid"/"Everyone Go Away" 22 November 2000 Episode missing
8 "Treasure in Space"/"Links With Europe" 5 December 2000 Episode missing
9 "Fit for Life"/"Feeding Treasure" 19 December 2000 Episode missing
10 "Fame"/"Who Are We?" 30 January 2001 Episode missing
11 "Eco Treasure"/"Big Day Out" 5 February 2001
  • Eco Treasure - When Treasure and her friends learn that the trees at the local park are being cut down to make way for a new multiplex, they decide to stage a protest.
  • Big Day Out - Treasure's class is taking a field trip to France, and she's embarrassed to learn that Mum is tagging along.
12 "Unwelcome Visitor"/"Milestone Year" 12 February 2001 Episode missing
13 "Two Faces Of Treasure"/"Nightmare On Oxford St." 17 December 2001
  • Two Faces Of Treasure - Mum goes to a parent-teacher conference and learns that Treasure is apparently far more well-behaved at school than at home. At the same time, Treasure has gotten a job at the supermarket.
  • Nightmare On Oxford St. - Treasure and Mum are out Christmas shopping when Treasure decides to give money to a homeless man, causing her to become fiercely adamant about helping the homeless. (Final Episode)


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