Weird Years
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Created by
Directed byJerry Popowich
ComposerJack Lenz
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26
Executive producers
  • Jack Lenz
  • Clint Eland
Animator9 Story Entertainment
Running timeapprox. 23 mins (per episode)
Production companies
Original release
ReleaseNovember 6, 2006 (2006-11-06) –
June 11, 2007 (2007-06-11)

Weird Years is a Canadian family animated series and sitcom produced by Lenz Entertainment and Mercury Filmworks. Created by Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon, the show was aired on YTV from November 2006 to June 2007. 26 half-hour episodes of the show were produced.[1] The series follows the Dorkovitch family, who emigrated from the fictional Kryobia in Eastern Europe to Happy Valley, Labrador, Canada. The family try to adapt to life in the New World and maintain the traditions of their homeland.


Weird Years is an animated series and sitcom about the plumber Donko Dorkovitch and his eccentric family, who come to North America from the fictional Kryobia in Eastern Europe. The show takes a look into the adventures of the Dorkovitch family in the 'new world'.[2] They live in the Labrador town of Happy Valley.


Main Characters: The Dorkovitches

Supporting characters


Season 1

1 – Requiem for a Screen – The family intervenes when Ivan becomes seriously addicted to videogames.

2 – Wingnut 5000 – Magda can't get the rest of her family to listen to her and do things properly. When she's given a test robot to follow her orders at works, she decides to try it out on her family.

3 – Zozo's False Teeth – Zozo's false teeth foretell that the Donkey of Death is coming for her. Donko finds himself having to decide if he should put her in a retirement home.

4 – Silence of the Goats – An outbreak of Calpine fever has created a world-wide cull of goats, putting Rasputin at risk. The Dorkovitch family rallies to defend its weirdest member.

5 – Best of Friends -

6 – Death of a Mailman – When Zozo accidentally causes the local mailman's death, she makes the ridiculous claim he is "secret police" and subsequent events seem to bear her out.

7 – Goat Stew – Magda takes a routine medical exam to increase her benefits at Foodies and rid Ivan of the curse of the Dorkovitch tooth. However, the test results threaten the whole family's future.

8 – The Last Donko – Ivan and Nadia become suspicious that their parents belong to the Mafia, and Ivan becomes determined to be a son worthy of the next Kryobian Don.

9 – Autopia – Magda wants to get rid of the family's decrepit car and buy a new one, but Donko is opposed due to all the good memories he associates with it.

10 – Lawn and Order – Greed takes hold of the Dorkovitch family; Zozo has to take matters into her own hands to set things right.

11 – Weekend Retreat – Magda's absence is felt when she goes to a corporate retreat, where she is unexpectedly joined by Donko and Zozo, causing a commotion.

12 – Zozo Stewart – A food critic discovers Zozo's magnificent cooking and she is catapulted into unwanted celebrity with her own restaurant and cooking show.

13 – The Truth about Truth – Nadia purposefully flunks a test and tells Zozo that she doesn't believe Captain Drago Merka discovered America. Zozo digs a grave and climbs in, refusing to leave until Nadia believes.

14 – Home for the Holidays – It's the Dorkovitch's favourite holiday. Zozo has it all planned out, cooking with Nadia at her side. Everyone else just has to be back in time for the dinner, which is more difficult than it seems.

15 – The Bears and The Bees – Zozo is trying to make Rasputin make "pump-pump" with a she-goat, but he won't. Meanwhile, Ivan is invited to a girl's house and thinks she wants to have sex with him; Donko's attempts to explain sex worsen the situation.

16 – The Pipes – Much to Ivan's horror, Donko has taken him under his wing to teach him the plumbing trade.

17 – Infoodelity – Donko secretly eats some of Granny Jang's delicious food, knowing it is a betrayal of Zozo.

18 – A Band Apart – Nadia starts a rock band, and Donko tries to lend a hand.

19 – Drive Me Insane – Ivan forgets to mail Magda's driver's license renewal and she has to retake her driver's test, exposing to the kids to her extreme phobia about tests.

20 - Home on the Driving Range -

21 - The Big Thaw - Zozo's husband Igor Dorkovitch returns.

22 - Donko Stormy Night - Scary movies, ghosts in the basement, and annoying old friends make for an interview night in the Dorkovitch home.

23 - Best Before - Beverly Tweed comes on to Danilo, but he tries to focus her attention on her husband.

24 - The Sausaginator - Magda and Donko invent a unique sausage making machine.

25 - Dirty Laundry - Zozo points out that it is the time of the shooting stars.

26 - Plumber on the Roof - Donko is discouraged after losing the Plumber of the Year Award for a fifth year.


Weird Years is the first animated series by Lenz Entertainment, coproduced by animation studio Mercury Filmworks[2] in association with YTV, which ordered 26 episodes of the half-hour series.[3] Corus Entertainment's Peter Moss served as creative producer with story editor Larry Mirkin and directors Clint Eland and Jerry Popowich.[2] The series was created by comedy improvisers and puppeteers Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon.[4]


The series premiered on YTV on 6 November 2006.[3]


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