Erky Perky
Erky and Perky
Animated sitcom
Created byDavid Gurney
Written byvarious
Directed byDavid Webster
Tim Golsby-Smith
Cameron Chittock
StarringJason Barr
Neil Crone
Judy Marshak
Adrian Truss
Ron Rubin
Keith Knight
Melissa Jane Shaw
ComposersAlex Khaskin
Ken Wortb
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons3[1]
No. of episodes39 (78 segments) (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Michael Boughen
    Mathew Street
    Arnie Zipursky
    Lisa Fitzpatrick
    Christopher Mapp (Seasons 2–3)
    Charles Falzon (Season 3)
  • For YTV:
    Bonita Siegel (seasons 1–2)
    Delia Leandres (seasons 1–2)
    Coral Schoug (season 3)
ProducersKristine Klohk
Avrill Stark (creative producer; seasons 1–2)
Mandy Fanning (seasons 1–2)
Barbara Stephen (season 3)
Tracy Lenon (season 3)
Running timeapprox. 22 Minutes
Production companiesCCI Entertainment
Ambience Entertainment
The LaB Sydney
Original release
NetworkSeven Network (Australia)
YTV (Canada)
Release7 September 2006 (2006-09-07) –
7 December 2009 (2009-12-07)

Erky Perky is an CGI-animated television series on YTV developed by CCI Entertainment and Ambience Entertainment,[2] with CGI animation by Australian Visual Effects company The LaB Sydney.[3] It follows two bickering, dim-witted insects, Erky and Perky, who live at a hot dog stand before accidentally being taken to a house.[4] They try to settle into the house, living with fellow house bugs, and hunting for food in a very clean kitchen.[5]


Two bugs, the Scottish-accented Erky, and his friend, the cowardly and impressionable Perky, live an idyllic life on a downtown hot dog stand, a cornucopia of crumbs, relish and wieners. They live the high life until one day they are swept away in a take-out bag and end up in a sterile suburban kitchen with no food in sight. The two bickering, dim-witted and lazy bugs are forced to survive in the new and scary "Land of Kitchen". Every day, they are obsessed with finding food, and eventually finding their way home to "Hot Dog Stand". Their quests are almost always befouled by 'Mad' Margaret, the self-appointed ruler of Kitchen, and her 'sidekick' Cecil.


Additional voices provided by Danny Wells, John Stocker, Linda Sorenson, Lawrence Bayne, Rick Miller, Robin Duke and Robert Tinkler.


Season 1

  1. Where Are We? / A Toast to Erky
  2. Flights of Fancy / Web of Death
  3. Burst My Bubble / Sticky Situations
  4. Sucked In / Tongue Tied
  5. Ghostly Goodies / All That Cheese
  6. Cereal Thriller / She Loves Me Not
  7. Erky's Birthday / Location, Location, Location
  8. Got Ya! / Perky the Brave
  9. Little Erky / Go Team
  10. Key to the Kitchen / Cold Snap
  11. The Good Days / Double Dare
  12. Stinks Sinks / Make Me Laugh
  13. The Intruder / Return to Sender

Season 2

  1. Buggy Bug Buggleson / Boof is Born
  2. Broken Wings / The Party
  3. Wildberry Implosion / Party Pooper
  4. You Nut! / Tomorrow's Outlook Fine
  5. Beautiful Music / The Principle of the Thing
  6. Funny Bum / Pantry of Horrors
  7. A Zen Tale / Perky vs. MC Buggy Z
  8. Robobug / A Dance in a Trance
  9. The Inseparables / Pangs & Peaceful Protests
  10. Pablobo Returns / Danger on the Windowsill
  11. Monument to Margaret / Bug Bags
  12. Kitchen Day / Bug in Baby's Clothes
  13. Roamin' Holiday / Blueboy's Treasure

Season 3

  1. Zapped / Flying High
  2. Bug Eater / Mind Over Matter
  3. Car Trouble / A Trojan Scheme
  4. Erky's Worst Nightmare / Soldier Bugged
  5. Slim Perky / Talking Tum
  6. Bug in From the Cold / Alien Invasion
  7. Where's Cecil / Bug in the Bubble
  8. To Bug or Not To Bug / The Miracle Shootout
  9. Bug House / Perky in Charge
  10. Magic Box / Bugliebeard
  11. Pancake on the Fan / Swat!
  12. Future Crumb / Paddle Whacker
  13. Pop Culture / Up and Away


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