Volcana as depicted in DC Animated Universe.
Publication information
First appearance"Where There's Smoke" (1998)
Created byHilary J. Bader
In-story information
Alter egoClaire Selton
Supporting character ofSuperman

Volcana (Claire Selton) is a supervillain in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League. Voiced by Peri Gilpin, she made her first appearance in the episode "Where There's Smoke".

Fictional character biography

Superman: The Animated Series

Introduced in the episode "Where There's Smoke", Claire Selton showed an aptitude for pyrokinesis as a teenager. Her parents sent her to Metropolis' Center for Paranormal Studies to help her learn to control and develop her powers, but she was taken by government agents, who "stripped away her past, code-named her Volcana, and tried their hardest to turn her into a living weapon" according to the center's director.

Volcana eventually escaped the agents, became a fugitive, and became a thief to survive. While attempting to leave Metropolis, she encounters and briefly fights Superman before escaping. She later seeks out her fence Donnie, but is captured by agents led by Kurt, the agent who originally kidnapped her. They take her to an underground facility with the intention of selling her to another government for dissection purposes and discovering the source of her powers. Meanwhile, Superman locates and interrogates one of the agents before rescuing Volcana, who destroys the facility and attempts to seek revenge on Kurt. While she inadvertently ignites nearby hydrogen canisters, which explode and stun her, Superman evacuates the facility and takes Volcana to a deserted island where she cannot hurt anyone else, promising to deliver her food from time to time.[1] Volcana also makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Unity", in which she fights Supergirl.

Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

Volcana as she appears in the Justice League episode "Only a Dream" Pt. 1.

In the Justice League episode "Only a Dream" Pt. 1, Volcana was incarcerated in a Metropolis prison before taking advantage of a prison riot to escape. She joins forces with fellow escapee Firefly, but both are subdued by the Justice League.

In Justice League Unlimited, it is revealed that the government project who kidnapped and experimented on her is part of Project Cadmus.[2] She later joins Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society. Prior to and during the episodes "Alive!" and "Destroyer", Lex Luthor takes over the Society, but Grodd mounts a mutiny. Volcana sides with the former before Darkseid attacks and kills most of the Society. In response, Luthor, Volcana, and the other survivors join forces with the Justice League to thwart Darkseid's invasion of Earth.

Power and abilities

Volcana in her fire form.

Volcana possesses pyrokinesis, which allows her to coat her body in fire, project fire blasts without harming herself, and fly under her own power. As such, she requires oxygen to fuel her powers.


Volcana appears in issues #20 and #41 of the Superman Adventures comics, which are based on her appearances in the DC Animated Universe.

In other media


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