WildBrain Studios
FormerlyDHX Studios (2016–2019)
Company typeDivision
Live action
Founded2016; 8 years ago (2016)
Vancouver, British Columbia
ProductsAnimated television series
Number of employees
>700 (2020)
Footnotes / references

WildBrain Studios is the in-house television studio arm of Canadian entertainment company WildBrain based in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was established in 2016 as DHX Studios.


The evolution of WildBrain
1968FilmFair London is founded
1971DIC Audiovisuel is founded
1972Strawberry Shortcake brand is first developed
1974CPLG is founded
1976CINAR and Colossal Pictures are founded
1982DIC Enterprises is founded
1984Ragdoll Productions is founded
1987DIC Audiovisuel closes
1988Studio B Productions is founded
1992Epitome Pictures is founded
1993DIC Enterprises becomes DIC Entertainment
1994Wild Brain is founded‚ and Red Rover Studios is founded, DIC Entertainment brands as The Incredible World of DIC
1995Platinum Disc Corporation is founded
1996CINAR buys FilmFair's library
1997Decode Entertainment is founded
1999Wild Brain acquires Colossal Pictures' employee base
2002Nerd Corps Entertainment is founded
2004Halifax Film Company is founded, CINAR rebrands as Cookie Jar Group
2005Platinum Disc Corporation merge as Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
2006Decode and Halifax Film merge as DHX Media, DIC acquires CPLG, and Ragdoll Worldwide is formed with BBC Worldwide
2007DHX Media buys Studio B Productions and Wild Brain becomes Wildbrain Entertainment
2008Cookie Jar Group absorbs DIC and House of Cool absorbs Red Rover Studios
2010DHX Media buys Wildbrain Entertainment‚ and Peanuts Worldwide is founded
2011Decode Entertainment and Red Rover Studios closes
2012DHX Media buys Cookie Jar Group
2013DHX Media buys Ragdoll Worldwide
2014DHX Media buys Epitome Pictures, Nerd Corps, and Echo Bridge Home Entertainment's family content library; Cookie Jar Group is absorbed
2016The WildBrain multi-channel network launches and Studio B and Nerd Corps merge as DHX Studios
2017Wildbrain Entertainment closes; DHX Media buys Peanuts Worldwide and Strawberry Shortcake
2018Halifax Film becomes Island of Misfits
2019DHX Media rebrands as WildBrain, Epitome Pictures closes, and the WildBrain MCN becomes WildBrain Spark
2020CPLG becomes WildBrain CPLG
2021Echo Bridge Home Entertainment closes
2023WildBrain acquires House of Cool

In January 2016, DHX Media announced that they would be building a 60,000 square-foot studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, that would focus on both animated and live-action productions.[2][3] The production teams of the former Studio B Productions, which DHX Media acquired in 2007 and Nerd Corps Entertainment, which DHX acquired in 2014 were relocated to the new building later in the year.[2][3]

The studio consists of two production teams: the former Nerd Corps team, which focuses on the production of CGI animated shows, and the former Studio B team, which focuses on the production of 2D animated shows (including those animated with Adobe Animate).

As of 2019, the Vancouver studio is the only one remaining in the division, as the other studios were either sold off or closed.


Main article: List of WildBrain programs

Animated series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
DHX Studios
Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Jeff Borkin
  • Ellen Martin
  • Clark Stubbs
2015–present Nick Jr. Channel Nickelodeon Animation Studio Season 2 onward. Previously produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in season 1. Produced as DHX Studios from seasons 2 to 5.
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show 2015–2017 Netflix Animation services.
The Deep
Season 2 onward. Previously produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in season 1. Produced as DHX Studios from seasons 2 to 3.
  • Mark Thornton
  • Todd Kaufman
2016–2019 Teletoon Neptoon Studios
Kate & Mim-Mim
  • Scott Stewart
  • Julie Stewart
FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment Season 2 only. Previously produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in season 1.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Mark Evestaff
  • Alex Galatis
Chuck's Choice Kervin Faria 2017 YTV Corus Entertainment [6]
Polly Pocket
  • Stephanie Betts
  • Shaleen Sangha
  • Canada
    Family Jr. and Family Channel (2018)
    Netflix (2019–present)
  • United States
    Universal Kids (2019)
    Netflix (2020–present)
Mattel Television Produced as DHX Studios in season 1.
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Marco Schnabel
  • David P. Smith
2018–2019 Amazon Prime Video
  • Jay Ward Productions
  • DreamWorks Animation Television
Animation services.
Chip and Potato
  • Canada
    Family Jr.
  • United States
Darrall Macqueen
Mega Man: Fully Charged Man of Action
  • Canada
    Family Chrgd
  • United States
    Cartoon Network
Carmen Sandiego Duane Capizzi 2019–2021 Netflix Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
I Can and I Will Productions
Produced as DHX Studios from seasons 1 to 2.
  • Tommy Andreasen
  • Michael Hegner
2019–2022 Cartoon Network The Lego Group Seasons 11–15 only. Previously produced by Wil Film ApS from seasons 1 to 10. Produced as DHX Studios in season 11.
Rev & Roll 2019 Alpha Group Co., Ltd.
Snoopy in Space
  • Mark Evestaff
  • Betsy Walters
2019–2021 Apple TV+ Schulz Studio Produced as DHX Studios in season 1.
WildBrain Studios
Dorg Van Dango
  • Ireland
  • Canada
    Family Channel
Cartoon Saloon [7]
Go, Dog. Go! Adam Peltzman 2021–present Netflix DreamWorks Animation Television
The Snoopy Show
  • Rob Boutilier
  • Mark Evestaff
  • Alex Galatis
Apple TV+ Schulz Studio
Johnny Test Scott Fellows 2021–2022 Netflix Revival of the 2005 animated series.
Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City Michael Vogel 2021–present YouTube [8]
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder 2022–present Disney+ Bar Productions
Disney Television Animation
Animation services.[9]
Sonic Prime Man of Action 2022–2024 Netflix
Ninjago: Dragons Rising
  • Tommy Andreasen
  • Michael Hegner
2023–present The Lego Group Sequel to Ninjago.
Caillou 2024–present Peacock Reboot of the 1997 animated series.
Camp Snoopy 2024 Apple TV+ Schulz Studio [10]

Live action series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
DHX Studios
The Zoo 2017–present CBBC BBC Studios
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
2019–present Nickelodeon
  • Yesteryear (season 10–present)
  • ACE Entertainment
  • Nickelodeon Productions
Season 8 onward. Produced as DHX Studios from seasons 8 to 9.
WildBrain Studios
Letterkenny 2019–present
Season 8 onward. Previously produced by DHX Studios Toronto from seasons 1 to 7.
My Perfect Landing Frank van Keeken 2020
Beachwood Canyon Productions
Malory Towers
  • Sasha Hails
  • Rachel Flowerday
2020–present King Bert Productions
Take Note Joan Lambur 2022
  • Canada
    Family Channel
  • United States
Lambur Productions
Ruby and the Well
  • LeeAnne H. Adams
  • Brian J. Adams
2022–present BYUtv Shaftesbury Films
I Woke Up a Vampire Thomas W. Lynch 2023–present
  • Canada
  • Family Channel
  • United States
  • Netflix
Tom Lynch Company
Yo Gabba GabbaLand! 2024 Apple TV+ Yo Gabba Gabba LLC Revival of Yo Gabba Gabba!.[11]


Title Director(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
DHX Studios
Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal
  • Jos Humphrey
  • Co-directors
    Kenny Park
    Mike West
2020 Netflix
Interactive special
WildBrain Studios
Who Are You, Charlie Brown? Michael Bonfiglio 2021 Apple TV+ Documentary special.[12]
Lego Friends: Holiday Special William Gordon YouTube The Lego Group Christmas special.
Johnny Test's Ultimate Meatloaf Quest
  • Jim Miller
  • Tim Stuby
Netflix Interactive special[13]
Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne Clay Kaytis Apple TV+ Schulz Studio New Year's Eve special[14]
Snoopy Presents: It's The Small Things, Charlie Brown Raymond S. Persi 2022 Earth Day special[15]
Snoopy Presents: To Mom (and Dad), With Love Clay Kaytis Mother's Day special[15]
Snoopy Presents: Lucy’s School Raymond S. Persi Back To School special[16]
Caillou: Rosie the Giant Greg Richardson
Anti-Bullying Day special[18]
Caillou: Adventures with Grandma and Grandpa Summer vacation special[18][19]
Caillou: The Bravest Wolf Boy Halloween special[18]
Caillou: The Silver Knight Family Day special[18]
Caillou's Perfect Christmas Christmas special[18]
Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie Raymond S. Persi 2023 Apple TV+ Schulz Studio [10]
Polly Pocket Sparkle Cove Adventure
  • Brent Bouchard
  • Thom McKenna
Netflix Mattel Television
Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog Jim Miller
  • Canada
  • Family Jr.
  • United States
  • Netflix
Halloween special[8]
Strawberry Shortcake's Perfect Holiday
  • Jim Miller
  • Megan Russell
Christmas special[20]
Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin Raymond S. Persi 2024 Apple TV+ Schulz Studio [10]

Animated shorts

Title Director(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
Lake Erie John Vassallo 2021 Screened at film festivals[21]

Feature films

Title Director(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
Untitled CG city-based Peanuts movie Steve Martino 2024 Apple TV+ Schulz Studio [22]

Former and related studios

Island of Misfits

Island of Misfits
FormerlyHalifax Film Company (2004–2006)
Halifax Film (2006–2010)
DHX Media Halifax (2010–2016)
Company typeSubsidiary
IndustryTelevision production
PredecessorSalter Street Films
FoundedMay 2004; 20 years ago (2004-05)
FoundersMichael Donovan
Charles Bishop
FateMerged with Decode Entertainment to form DHX Media
Sold to IoM Media Ventures
SuccessorDHX Media
ParentDHX Media (2006–2018)
IoM Media Ventures (2018–present)

Island of Misfits was originally known as the Halifax Film Company and was established by former Salter Street Films executives Michael Donovan and Charles Bishop in May 2004.[23] Under the name, Halifax Film produced live-action television shows, children's stop-motion series, CGI productions and dramas. It was headed by Nova Scotia Business Inc., which expanded and helped to open up their own new markets, and bought out This Hour Has 22 Minutes from Alliance Atlantis in 2005.[24]

On May 16, 2006, Halifax Film and Decode Entertainment announced that they would merge to form the holding company DHX Media.[25] Halifax Film became a subsidiary of DHX Media in the process. It was decided that unlike its predecessor, its main goal was to be on family entertainment.[26] In 2010 all DHX Media subsidiaries including Halifax Film were all merged to form one brand under the DHX Media name.

In 2014, the studio relocated from a location at Purdy's Wharf to the Park Lane Mall.[27] As of 2019, with the exception of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, DHX Studios Halifax solely produces CGI-animated material.

IoM Media Ventures

In November 2018, as part of a series of restructurations within the company, DHX sold its Halifax animation studio to IoM Media Ventures, a company led by former DHX CEO Dana Landry.[28][29] Despite the sale, the studio continues to provide animation for WildBrain-owned shows.

Live action series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
This Hour Has 22 Minutes Mary Walsh 2005–present CBC Television DHX Media (2006–2018)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Seasons 12–25. Produced as Halifax Film Company in season 12, as Halifax Film in seasons 13–17 and as DHX Studios Vancouver in seasons 18–25.
North/South Floyd Kane 2006 Produced as Halifax Film.
The Guard 2008–2009 Global
That's So Weird! Jeff Copeland 2009–2012 YTV Produced as Halifax Film in season 1 and as DHX Studios Halifax in seasons 2 and 3.

Animated series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Years Network Co-production with Notes
Lunar Jim Alexander Bar 2006–2007 CBC Television Alliance Atlantis Produced as Halifax Film.
Bo on the Go! Jeff Rosen 2007–2011
Animal Mechanicals
The Mighty Jungle
  • Jason Hopley
  • Jeff Rosen
2007–2008 Decode Entertainment
  • Eraser Dog Prods.
  • Alliance Atlantis
Season 2. Produced as Halifax Film.
Pirates: Adventures in Art 2010–2011 Privateer II Productions Produced as Halifax Film.
Doozers 2013–2018
The Jim Henson Company
Inspector Gadget 2015–2018
DHX Media
Wishenpoof! Angela Santomero 2015 Amazon Prime Video [30]
Super Why!
  • Angela Santomero
  • Samantha Freeman Alpert
  • Wendy Harris
  • Traci Paige Johnson
  • Jennifer Twomey
  • Dr. Alice Wilder
Out of the Blue Enterprises Season 3.
Space Ranger Roger 2017 [31]
Bob the Builder Keith Chapman 2017–2018
Mattel Creations Animation services for season 3 as IoM Media Ventures Halifax.
Fireman Sam
  • Rob Lee
  • Dave Gingell
  • Dave Jones
2017–present Channel 5 Mattel Television Season 11 onward. Produced as DHX Studios Halifax in season 11. Animation services from season 12 onward as Island of Misfits.


Title Year Co-production with Distributed by Notes
Shake Hands with the Devil 2007 Barna-Alper Productions
Head Gear Films
Seville Productions
Seville Pictures

DHX Media Los Angeles

Main article: Wildbrain Entertainment

On September 14, 2010, DHX acquired the Los Angeles-based Wildbrain Entertainment.[32] At an undisclosed point, the studio was renamed to DHX Media Los Angeles.[33] In 2013, DHX moved its work for hire productions from the location to its Canadian operations.[34] The studio was shuttered in 2017.[35]

DHX Media Toronto

DHX Media Toronto
FormerlyDecode Entertainment, Inc. (1997–2010)
DHX Media Toronto (2010–2011)
Company typeSubsidiary
IndustryTelevision production
FoundedFebruary 27, 1997; 27 years ago (1997-02-27)
FoundersSteven DeNure
Neil Court
John Delmage
Defunct2011; 13 years ago (2011)
FateMerged with Halifax Film Company
SuccessorDHX Media
ParentDHX Media (2006–2011)

DHX Media Toronto was founded on February 27, 1997, and originally known as Decode Entertainment, Inc. by Steven DeNure, Neil Court, and John Delmage, and it was based in Toronto, Ontario. The company produced numerous television shows and was an international supplier of television and interactive programming for children and youth. Decode Entertainment focused on traditional animation, computer-generated animation, and live-action shows. The name "Decode" is an acronym of the combination of the names DeNure, Court, and Delmage.

On May 16, 2006, Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film announced that they would merge with to form the holding company DHX Media.[25] Decode Entertainment became a subsidiary of DHX Media in the process, distributing Halifax Film shows and other DHX properties. In 2010 all DHX Media subsidiaries including Decode Entertainment were rebranded under the DHX Media name.

By 2011, DHX Media ceased production on producing content at the ex-Decode offices. The company known as Epitome Pictures, which DHX acquired in 2014, assumed the name of DHX Studios Toronto in 2016, but it has no relation outside the name.

Live action series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Years Network Co-production with Notes
Our Hero
  • John May
  • Suzanne Bolch
2000–2002 CBC Television Heroic Film Company
The Zack Files Kathy Slevin YTV
The Hoobs 2001–2003 Channel 4 The Jim Henson Company
Be the Creature 2003–2004 National Geographic Channel Kratt Brothers Company Limited
Radio Free Roscoe Will McRobb
Douglas McRobb
2003–2005 Family Channel
Naturally, Sadie
  • Barbara Wiechmann
  • Suzanne Bolch
  • John May
The Adrenaline Project 2007–2008 YTV Marblemedia Distribution only.
The Latest Buzz Brent Piaskoski 2007–2010 Family Channel
Grandpa in My Pocket Mellie Buse and Jan Page 2009–2010 CBeebies Adastra Creative Ltd. Distribution only.
Waybuloo Dan Good 2009–2014
The Foundation Live-action/animated series. Produced as Decode Entertainment in season 1 and as DHX Media Toronto in seasons 2–4.
How to Be Indie
  • Vera Santamaria
  • Suzanne Bolch
  • John May
2009–2011 YTV
  • Heroic Film Company
  • Sudden Storm Entertainment
Produced as Decode Entertainment in season 1 and as DHX Media Toronto in season 2.

Animated series

Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Years Network Co-production with Notes
Freaky Stories
  • Steve Schnier
  • John A. Delmage
Angela Anaconda
Watership Down
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
Weird-Oh's Bill Campbell 1999–2000
  • Canada
  • United States
    Fox Family
Rainbow Fish 2000
  • Canada
  • United States
Olliver's Adventures Edward Kay 2002–2005 Teletoon Collideascope Digital Productions
  • Ruth Beni
  • Alan Silbering
2002–2005 YTV
  • Agogo Media
  • AE, Ltd.
The Blobheads 2003
  • Gordon Coulthart
  • Mary Crawford
  • Alan Templeton
2003–2005 Family Channel Funbag Animation Studios
The Save-Ums!
  • Dan Clark
  • Don Asher
  • The Dan Clark Company
  • C.O.R.E.
Franny's Feet
  • Canada
    Family Channel
  • United Kingdom
Bromwell High 2005
Hat Trick Productions
Delilah and Julius
  • Suzanne Chapman
  • Steven JP Comeau
  • Lienne Sawatsky
  • Daniel Williams
2005–2008 Teletoon Collideascope Digital Productions
Planet Sketch 2005–2007
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
Aardman Animations
Dudson's Modern Tales 2006
Naughty Naughty Pets
Super Why!
Out of the Blue Enterprises Seasons 1 and 2.
Clang Invasion
  • Seng Choon Meng
  • Doug Hadders
  • Adam Rothstein
2007–2008 YTV
  • Scrawl Studios
  • AGOGO Entertainment Ltd.
Urban Vermin
  • Diana Arruda
  • Tim Thompson
Chop Socky Chooks Sergio Delfino 2008 Teletoon Aardman Animations
The Mighty Jungle Jeff Rosen CBC Television Halifax Film
  • Cate McQuillen
  • Hewey Eustace
  • Australia
    ABC Kids
  • Canada
    CBC Television
  • United Kingdom
Mememe Productions
PoppetsTown Katherine Sangford 2009–2011 Neptuno Films

DHX Studios Toronto

Main article: Epitome Pictures

In 2016, Epitome Pictures was rebranded as DHX Studios Toronto (no relation to the animation studio of the same name). The company produced live-action shows.

In 2019, DHX sold off the building, ceasing operations at the Toronto studio in the process.[36]

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