Wright StreetDeck
Brighton & Hove Wright StreetDeck
in Eastbourne in May 2015
AssemblyBallymena, Northern Ireland
Body and chassis
ClassDouble-decker bus
Doors1 or 2
Floor typeLow floor
EngineDaimler OM934 5.1 litre 4-cylinder Euro 6/OM936 7.7 litre 6-cylinder Euro 6[1]
Power output231 horsepower (172 kW) (OM934) [1]
TransmissionVoith DIWA D854.6 four-speed
ZF EcoLife 6AP1000B six-speed[1]
Length10.57 metres (34.7 ft)[1]
Width2.52 metres (8.27 ft)[1]
Height4.40 metres (14.4 ft)[1]
Curb weight10.7 tonnes[1]
PredecessorWright Gemini 2

The Wright StreetDeck is an integral double-decker bus that was manufactured by Wrightbus from 2014, built as standard with a Daimler OM934 diesel engine. Hybrid-electric, full-electric and hydrogen-powered variants were also produced before production was briefly suspended due to Wrightbus entering administration in September 2019.[2]

Demonstrators and prototypes were placed in service by Arriva Derby, Arriva London, First Greater Manchester, First South Yorkshire, London Central and Transdev in Harrogate in 2014 and 2015.[3] The first production examples entered service with Brighton & Hove in 2015.[3][4][5][6]

As of October 2021, 1,036 StreetDecks have been built, primarily for FirstGroup and Go-Ahead Group subsidiaries. Other Operators operate them in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man.[3]


StreetDeck Ultroliner

First South Yorkshire's demonstrator Wright StreetDeck in October 2015, showing the original-style front end fitted to the prototype vehicles
First South Yorkshire's demonstrator Wright StreetDeck in October 2015, showing the original-style front end fitted to the prototype vehicles

The majority of StreetDecks produced have been the standard diesel variant, fitted with a Daimler OM934 5.1 litre, 4-cylinder Euro 6 diesel engine competing mainly with the Volvo B5TL and Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC. The first five prototype demonstrators to be produced were fitted with a front end similar in appearance to the outgoing Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 double-decker, before Wrightbus' new standard Stealth front Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 end styling was fitted to production examples.

The first prototype StreetDeck entered service with Arriva Derby, built to Sapphire specification for route 38, in November 2014.[3][7] This was followed by further examples with First South Yorkshire, First Greater Manchester, Arriva London and Go North East in January 2015 and London Central in February 2015.[3]

The first order for StreetDecks was made by Brighton & Hove for 24 that entered service on the Coaster service between Brighton and Eastbourne in March and April 2015; as of June 2018, Brighton & Hove have taken delivery of 82 examples.[3][4][8]

FirstGroup have been the largest customer for the diesel StreetDeck, taking delivery of 194 examples as of June 2018.[3] Five first entered service with First Leicester in 2015, followed by an additional 29 being delivered in 2016.[9] 22 entered service on First South Yorkshire's flagship X1 Steel Link service in September 2016, having entered service on route X78 from Sheffield to Doncaster in November 2015 due to delays in the opening of the Bus Rapid Transit North.[10][11] First West Yorkshire are a popular operator of diesel StreetDecks within the FirstGroup, operating over 120 of the type from 2018 onwards under First Leeds' LeedsCity brand.[12] 13 of Leeds' StreetDecks were diverted to Diamond North West in 2019 when First cancelled their order; the Rotala Group would subsequently order 134 more StreetDecks in 2020, with the majority being delivered to Diamond North West to replace vehicles leased from First Greater Manchester. The remaining four were delivered to Preston Bus.[13][14]

Go-Ahead Group have been the second largest customer, with the Oxford Bus Company taking delivery of 41 StreetDecks[3] between 2015 and 2017 for its city 3 (yellow), city 5 (pink), city 8&9 (orange) and Oxford park & ride services. Go North East purchased 26 StreetDecks[3] for its Castles Express X21 and the Angel 21 services between 2016 and 2018.[15] In June 2019, Go North East announced a further order of 31 StreetDecks for its new X-Lines network of express routes. The buses are expected to enter service from Spring 2020.[16] The order includes the first StreetDeck in the UK to feature Daimler's 6-cylinder engine.[17] Ten examples of the 6-cylinder engined variants have also been ordered by Bus Vannin.[18]

The first production examples for a Transport for London contractor entered service with Arriva London in July 2016 on route 340.[3][19] It was later renamed to the Streetdeck Ultroliner in June 2021.[20]

As of October 2021, not including the StreetDeck Hydroliner FCEV variant, a total of 957 Streetdeck Buses have been built.

StreetDeck Micro Hybrid

The StreetDeck is also available with the same Wrightbus Micro Hybrid technology as was first provided in the StreetLite single-decker. The Micro Hybrid package consists of a flywheel and regenerative braking in the bus, which provides electricity used to power the interior lights and compressed air systems, saving up to 10% in fuel costs compared to the standard diesel StreetDeck.

StreetDeck HEV

First South Yorkshire Wright StreetDeck Hybrid on its first day in service in May 2018
First South Yorkshire Wright StreetDeck Hybrid on its first day in service in May 2018

The hybrid-electric (HEV) variant of the StreetDeck was launched in 2018 alongside the Wright StreetLite Max Hybrid, with the first 13 StreetDeck HEVs entering service with First South Yorkshire alongside an order of Streetlites at the Olive Grove Depot in May 2018.[21] Later that month, eight StreetDeck HEVs also entered service on First West Yorkshire's Elland Road park & ride service in Leeds.[22]

Outside of the FirstGroup, the Oxford Bus Company took delivery of 6 Streetdeck HEVs in 2018 for Brookesbus services U1 and U5.[23] A Streetdeck HEV was delivered to the Belfast Metro, while in London, Streetdeck HEVs have entered service with Tower Transit and Go-Ahead London.[24][25]

StreetDeck Hydroliner FCEV

A StreetDeck powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology was unveiled at the Euro Bus Expo in October 2018. It is the first hydrogen-powered double decker bus which has been built with a range of 200 miles, using a fuel cell system made by Ballard with a Siemens drivetrain.[26] Orders were placed in May 2019 by Transport for London for 20 of these type due to arrive in 2020,[27] however these orders were interrupted due to the temporary collapse of Wrightbus when it fell into administration in the same year. These were eventually delivered to Metroline and entered service on route 7 in May 2021.[28][29][30]

Further orders were first made by First Aberdeen for 15 Hydroliners in March 2020, which entered service in January 2021,[31][32] while National Express West Midlands ordered 20 buses in October 2020, which were delivered throughout 2021 and entered service in the December of that year.[33][34] Three more of the type entered service with Translink in December 2020; a further 20 were ordered in December 2021.[35][36] It was later renamed to the Streetdeck Hydroliner in June 2021.[20]

As of October 2021, there are 63 Hydroliners built, with around 60 in service.[citation needed]

StreetDeck Electroliner BEV

Wrightbus launched their new battery powered bus at the Itthub Conference in June 2021.[20] It claims to have a range of 200 miles with a battery capacity of 454 kWh.[37]

Translink have ordered 80 Electroliners as part of a £74 million zero-emissions fleet investment due for delivery in Spring 2022, with an additional ten Electroliners for the Foyle Metro expected to enter service in 2023.[36]


In 2018 a demonstrator equipped with Daimler OM936LA 295 hp engine was exported to Hong Kong and placed in service with Kowloon Motor Bus in 2019. However, the demonstrator was sent back to UK in February 2020.[38] Five entered service in Monterrey, Mexico. Although Mexico drives on the right, they were built as right-hand drive vehicles operating on a busway with left-hand boarding.[39][40] A 63-seat demonstrator will also operate in Santiago, Chile.[41][42]


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