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YouTube Studio, formerly known as YouTube Creator Studio, is a platform created by the American video-sharing platform YouTube. YouTube Studio enables content creators to manage their online presence on YouTube, analyze audience engagement, and generate revenue if they are in the YouTube Partner Program.[1][2][3]


In 2005, YouTube introduced Creator Studio Classic. In 2019, a significant overhaul of YouTube Studio was conducted to align with Google's Material Design user interface.[4][5]

By November 2019, Creator Studio Classic access was gradually phased out in favor of the rebranded "YouTube Studio," serving as a replacement for around 150,000 creators. The impact expanded from 1% of YouTube channels in January 2020 to 100% by April 2020.[6]


YouTube Studio offers features for creators to manage their own channels, including a dashboard for news and personal notifications,[7][8] general management of one's own videos on the platform,[9] channel analytics,[10] monetization and copyright management,[11][12] and other resources and tools for channel customization.[13][14][15][16]


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