I Paralympic Winter Games
Host cityÖrnsköldsvik, Sweden
Events53 in 2 sports
Opening21 February
Closing28 February
Opened by

The 1976 Winter Paralympic Games (Swedish: Paralympiska vinterspelen 1976) were the first Winter Paralympics. They were held in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, from 21 to 28 February 1976. The disabilities included in this Paralympics were blindness and amputees. Sixteen countries took part with 196 athletes.[1] There were competitions in Alpine and Nordic skiing for amputee and visually impaired athletes, and a demonstration event in ice sledge racing.[2]

They were originally known as the 1st Winter Olympic Games for the Disabled.[3][4]


The games consisted of 2 sports.

Medal table

Main article: 1976 Winter Paralympics medal table

The top 9 NPCs by number of gold medals are listed below. The host nation (Sweden) is highlighted.

1 West Germany1012628
2 Switzerland101112
3 Finland87722
4 Norway73212
5 Sweden*67720
6 Austria5161435
7 Czechoslovakia3003
8 France2035
9 Canada2024
Totals (9 entries)534642141

Participating Paralympic Committees

The following nations took part. In brackets is the number of athletes per nation.[5]

Participating National Paralympic Committees

British involvement in these Games was covered in an edition of the Thames Television current affairs series This Week.[6]

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