II Paralympic Winter Games
Host cityGeilo, Norway
Events64 in 3 sports
Opening1 February
Closing7 February
Opened by
StadiumVestia Resort

The 1980 Winter Paralympic Games (Norwegian: Paralympiske vinterleker 1980; Nynorsk: Paralympiske vinterleikane 1980), the second Winter Paralympics, were held from 1 to 7 February 1980 in Geilo, Norway. Eighteen countries took part with 299 athletes.[1] A demonstration event was held in sledge downhill racing. All classes of athletes with locomotor disabilities were able to participate.[2] Organized by the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation (ISMGF) and the International Sports Federation of the Disabled (ISOD).[3]

Originally known as the 2nd Olympic Winter Games for Disabled.[4][5][6]


Medal table

The 1980 Winter Paralympics opening ceremony
Australian paralympic team at the 1980 Winter Paralympics

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The top 10 NPCs by number of gold medals are listed below. The host nation (Norway) is highlighted.

1 Norway*23211054
2 Finland1671235
3 Austria610622
4 Sweden53816
5 Switzerland42410
6 United States4116
7 West Germany36918
8 Canada2316
9 France1113
10 Czechoslovakia0101
Totals (10 entries)645552171

Participating nations

Eighteen nations participated in the 1980 Winter Paralympics. Australia, Denmark, Italy and New Zealand made their debut appearances. Belgium and Poland did not send any athletes.

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