Barna Dam
Barna Dam is located in India
Barna Dam
Location of Barna Dam in India
LocationBari tehsil in Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates23°03′04.91″N 078°03′45.13″E / 23.0513639°N 78.0625361°E / 23.0513639; 78.0625361
Opening date1978
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsBarna River
Height47.7 m (156 ft)
Length432 m (1,417 ft)
Elevation at crest352.7 m (1,157 ft)
Width (crest)4.6 m (15 ft)
Total capacity539,000,000 m3 (437,000 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity455,800,000 m3 (369,500 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area1,176 km2 (454 sq mi)

The Barna Dam is a gravity dam on the Barna River in Badi tehsil Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh, India. Barna river is a major tributary of the Narmada River. It is about 100 km (62 mi) east of Bhopal.[1] Dam was constructed by Madhaya Pradesh Water Resource Department. The primary purpose of the dam is irrigation and it was completed in 18.oct.1978.[2]


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