Choral River
StateMadhya Pradesh
Physical characteristics
SourceVindhyachal Range
MouthNarmada River
 • location
Barwaha, Khargone district
 • coordinates
22°14′01″N 76°04′06″E / 22.2335°N 76.0684°E / 22.2335; 76.0684
Length55 km (34 mi)
Basin size601 km2 (232 sq mi)
Basin features
River systemNarmada River

The Choral River is a tributary of the Narmada River of Central India.[1]


Choral river rises in the Vindhyachal Range of Indore District and after flowing in northeast direction through the mountains, it turns south after exiting the Vindhyas near Patalpani waterfall and joins with Narmada River in Barwaha city . The Choral river has a length of 55 km.[2]


Choral Dam, constructed in the upper reaches of the river, is a popular picnic destination around Indore City.


Patalpani waterfall is popular picnic spot on the course of Choral River.


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