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Bliss tv logo.png
Picture formatPAL (576i, 16:9/Pillarbox)
OwnerSony Pictures Television
Launched2 March 2006
ReplacedThe Amp
Closed27 November 2015

Bliss was a British music television channel owned and operated by the CSC Media Group (formerly Chart Show Channels).


Early History

Bliss first logo (2006–2008)
Bliss first logo (2006–2008)

Bliss was launched in March 2006, replacing The Amp. The channel was owned by British Sky Broadcasting, and its sister channels Flaunt and Scuzz, but was operated by Chart Show Channels.

The channel was advertised with the tagline of "Total Chill-out Classics". The channel played classic pop songs and music from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, along with hours dedicated to love songs and power ballads. Every day for three hours from 9am to 12pm and 7pm to 10pm, there was a weekly themed slot, such as Blissful Divas, music from female artists, or Bliss at The Movies, and music from films. These themed slots changed every Monday. Throughout the year the channel had days dedicated to boy bands, love songs and other types of music depending on dates such as Valentines Day. The channel also shows some newer music videos which fit in with its chill-out theme.

For the channel's original on-screen look, the Bliss logo was a gold colour with a shine moving across it every few seconds. The logo was placed in the bottom left-hand corner during music videos and the song information was shown in a gold coloured bar at the start and near the end of each music video. The channel's identity was also seen before and after advertisement breaks when the Bliss logo slowly came out of an opening flower.

Sky announced in November 2006 that their music channels would go Free-To-Air beginning on December 11, 2006, and soon afterwards Sky transitioned full ownership to Chart Show Channels in December 2006, previously, Bliss alongside its sister music channels were encrypted in NDS from its launch, and broadcasting on the Eutelsat 28A communications satellite which meant that the channels could be viewed for the first time all across parts of Europe.

On November 6, 2007, Bliss and its sister channels were removed from the ex-NTL Virgin Media areas following a failure of an agreement from Chart Show Channels for the networks to be made available in the ex-Telewest areas, alongside Virgin Media focusing more on their free On-Demand services.[1]

On March 3, 2008, the Bliss website was launched. The website included TV listings, music videos, news, competitions, and an online community area. Several programmes on Bliss made use of the website, for example was a programme which played the most requested songs, as voted for on the Bliss website.

On May 12, 2008, a +1 timeshift channel called Bliss +1 was launched. It was available 24 hours a day on Sky Channel 363. On June 2, 2008, Bliss +1 was closed to make way for a 24-hour stream for AnimeCentral, a channel also owned by CSC Media Group. This allowed Pop Girl, which used to time-share with AnimeCentral, to extend its hours to 24 hours a day.

Relaunch and Closure

In late 2008, Bliss received a new look, with its logo changing to plain white lettering with 'BLISS' in capitals. The song information was changed to appear in a cloud type graphic that formed in the middle of the screen. As of May 2010, the song information appeared at the bottom of the screen. The logo was also seen before and after advertisement breaks when a growing flower or flying butterfly went across the screen, revealing the Bliss logo behind it.

On February 1, 2011, Bliss launched on the Free-To-Air satellite platform Freesat on Channel 517. It moved to Channel 506 on September 13, 2012. It was removed along with Flava on July 21, 2014.

Throughout November and December beginning in 2013, Bliss became "Blissmas", becoming a Christmas music channel playing Christmas music 24/7.

Bliss was shutdown on November 27, 2015, after nine years, while in the middle of its annual run as Blissmas. In 2018, Christmas music moved to its sister music channel Chart Show Hits (called Chart Show Dance at time of closure).

Bliss removals

On November 6, 2007, Bliss, along with its sister music channels Scuzz and Flaunt, were removed from Virgin Media's ex-NTL platform as a deal with Chart Show Channels could not be made to make the channels available on the ex-Telewest platform. Hence, the channels were dropped.


Normal programming

Christmas Programming (Blissmas)


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