Pop Max
Logo used since 2017
CountryUnited Kingdom
Picture format16:9 576i SDTV
Timeshift servicePop Max +1
Sister channels
Launched19 May 2008; 15 years ago (19 May 2008)
ReplacedPop +1
Former namesKix! (2008-14)
Kix (2014-17)
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Streaming media
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Timeshift logo used since 30 August 2017

Pop Max (formerly Kix! and then Kix) is a British free-to-air children's television channel in the United Kingdom, owned by Narrative Entertainment UK Limited.[1] As of June 2014, it broadcasts cartoons, sci-fi, action and adventure series and anime on Sky and on Freeview. Its target audience is 6 to 15-year-old boys.[2]


At 6am on 19 May 2008, Pop +1 ceased broadcast and was directly replaced on-air with Kix content on Sky channel 627. Medabots was the first programme to be broadcast under the Kix! identity. [citation needed]

Kix was the fourth dedicated kids' channel to be launched by CSC: its three sister channels are Pop which was launched on 29 May 2003,[3] and shows cartoons and pop music videos for a mixed audience; Tiny Pop, which was launched in 26 July 2004, [citation needed] and shows cartoons for young children and pre-schoolers; and Pop Girl, a defunct channel launched on 6 August 2007.[citation needed]

In August 2008, Kix! launched onto Freesat.[4]

In May 2013, Kix! was renamed to Kix.[5] The labelling on the onscreen programme guide was changed in accordance with this. However, the Kix logo continued to include the exclamation mark until summer 2014.

Kix broadcasts on Freeview since April 2016, following the earlier addition of Pop and Tiny Pop to the service. Until 2019, Kix transmitted on the same local-TV multiplex as Pop, so that Kix was only available in areas where Pop is available.[citation needed] In August 2017, Kix rebranded its identity and is now under the Pop Max brand; however, its programming remained relatively unchanged.[6] In June 2019, Pop Max moved to the G-MAN multiplex, meaning that Pop Max only broadcasts in Manchester on Freeview.[7][better source needed]

In early 2022, a live Pop Max stream was added to the Freeview Play version of the Pop Player app.[8] On 25 May 2022, Pop Max was delisted from Freeview and was replaced with the Pop Player channel.[9]

On 5 July 2023 it was announced that Pop Max would return to Freeview under the local-TV multiplex on 19 July.[10]




Kix Power and Kix +1

In July 2013, Kix received Kix Power, which replaced Pop Girl +1 on Sky.[5] Kix Power broadcast only Power Rangers. Kix Power was replaced by a Kix +1 service in October 2013, [citation needed] and this timeshift ran through October to November 2013. Kix Power was then reintroduced in November 2013 for a second run, to operate in the run-up to December 2013, with Kix +1 resuming at the start of January 2014. Kix Power returned again, replacing Kix +1, on an ad hoc basis around major school holiday periods.[citation needed]

In April 2014, Kix +1 relaunched this time as Kix +. In July 2014, Kix + was closed down and replaced with Pop +1, which closed in 2008 and was replaced with Kix. In October 2014, Kix was rebranded as Kix Power for the October half-term. In October 2015, Kix +1 relaunched, replacing Pop Girl. In June 2016, Kix +1 was removed from Freesat and was replaced with Pop +1. In December 2016, Kix Power launched on Virgin Media.[citation needed]


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Pop Max mainly airs TV shows from sister channel Pop, such as Pokémon, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir and Grizzy & the Lemmings. Pop Max airs movies and specials similar to Pop, but it is mostly limited to Pokémon movies[11] The channel sources its programming from multiple independent studios.[12]



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