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CountryUnited Kingdom
Broadcast areaUnited Kingdom
Isle of Man
Channel Islands
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
Timeshift serviceNickelodeon +1
OwnerParamount (60%)
Sky Group (40%)
Sister channelsNicktoons
Nick Jr.
Nick Jr. Too
Launched1 September 1993; 29 years ago (1993-09-01)
Streaming media
Sky GoWatch live (UK & Ireland only)
Now TVWatch live (UK only)
Virgin TV AnywhereWatch live (UK only)

Nickelodeon (commonly shortened to Nick) is a British pay television network aimed at children aged under 18. It is operated under a joint venture between Paramount and Sky Group.

On 1 September 1993, a localised version of the US channel launched in the United Kingdom and launched at a later date in Ireland. In the United Kingdom, the channel is available on Sky, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk Plus TV. In Ireland, the channel is available on Virgin Media Ireland, Eir TV and Sky Ireland. It is the first Nickelodeon feed launched overseas.


Nick logo for short since 2010.
Nick logo for short since 2010.

Nickelodeon was launched in the UK on 1 September 1993[1] exclusively on Sky,[2] originally airing for 12 hours and showing both cartoons and live action series. NICK AT NIGHT was also planned from early 1994[3][4] but never implemented, with the Off-air time, Nickelodeon would air static logos, schedule information and teletext. From November 1995, it started to timeshare with Paramount Channel.

The British version of Nick Jr. also launched on the channel's first day, broadcasting during school hours. Live presentation followed in 1994, branded as Nick Alive!. In 1996, Nickelodeon reached an agreement with CBBC to show a block of CBBC programmes for one hour before and one hour after Nick Jr., called CBBC on Nickelodeon. This block lasted until 1998. Nick Jr. was taken off the main channel in July 2000, after launching its own channel the year before.

Nicktoons was launched in the UK and Ireland in July 2002.

When Sky Digital was launched in 1998, Nickelodeon was in the original channel line-up on Astra 2A, and Nickelodeon was aired for three more hours. However, analogue-satellite services continued to shutdown Nickelodeon at 7 pm each day until analogue satellite was discontinued in 2001. During the end of 2004, Telewest failed to reach an agreement to broadcast Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and Nick Jr. on the after 2005 and the channels were removed from Telewest on 17 December, leading to many Telewest customers leaving for Sky and NTL, while Telewest customers either received a free upgrade to Disney Channel or to Sky Cinema to prevent customers from leaving Telewest. By the next year, however, Nickelodeon successfully renegotiated with Telewest and the channels were restored.

In February 2010, Nickelodeon adopted the worldwide rebrand.[5][6] The TeenNick block also adopted the identity of the American channel.[7] In April 2010, Nicktoons and Nick Jr. took on their rebrand logos.

Nickelodeon HD was launched in October 2010 on Sky.[8] Later, it was picked up by Virgin Media.[9]


The Nickelodeon channels available in the UK and in Ireland are operated through a joint venture with Paramount International Networks (PIN) and Sky Group trading as Nickelodeon UK Ltd. PIN holds majority in shares (60%).

Subsidiary and sister channels

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. logo
Nick Jr. logo

Main article: Nick Jr. (British and Irish TV channel)

Nick Jr. first appeared in the UK and Ireland on 1 September 1993, between 9 am – 12 pm on weekday school days on the main Nickelodeon UK channel. It soon branched out to 10:30am - 2pm. In July 1999 it was announced Nick Jr would be given its own channel[10] and was launched as a 14-hour (initially 13) standalone channel on analogue and digital pay TV on 1st September 1999 [11] and subsequently the block was taken off Nickelodeon in July 2000 (but shortly reintroduced in 2005). Nick Jr. originally timeshared with MTV Dance when that channel launched in early 2001, though this ceased some time ago, with MTV Dance having gone 24 hours since then. Nick Jr. itself has broadcast for 24 hours since 2010.

Nick Jr. Too

Nick Jr. Too logo
Nick Jr. Too logo

On 24 April 2006, Nick Jr. Too was launched. It broadcasts Nick Jr. shows on a different schedule from the main Nick Jr. channel. It has broadcast for 24 hours since 2015.


Main article: Nicktoons (British and Irish TV channel)

Nicktoons logo
Nicktoons logo

On 22 July 2002, Nicktoons was launched, airing Nicktoons, as well as other cartoons, throughout the day.

Nick +1, Nicktoons Replay and Nick Jr. +1

On 1 September 1999, a one-hour time shift of Nickelodeon was initially launched on Sky. It is available on Sky 620, Virgin Media Ireland 605 and Virgin Media 713. The channel originally launched as Nick Replay but was rebranded as Nick +1 on 2 October 2012.

A one-hour timeshift of Nicktoons, Nicktoons Replay, was also available on Sky channel 630. The timeshift channel replaced the Nicktoons spin off sister channel Nicktoonsters.

Nick Jr. +1 launched on 2 October 2012, replacing Nicktoons Replay, which closed the previous day. The timeshift channel is available on Nicktoons Replay's previous space.

Nickelodeon Ireland

In 2004, The channel launched an Irish advertising feed for Nickelodeon.

An Irish feed for Nick Jr. was launched in 2006. On 13 September 2012, it was announced that Sky would be launching an Irish feed of NickToons on 16 October 2012.[12] All Nickelodeon channels available in Ireland now host Irish advertising and sponsorship.


Main article: Nicktoonsters

On 18 August 2008, Nicktoonsters was launched. Its licence first appeared on the Ofcom website in September 2007 (initially named "Nicktoons 2", and changed to Nicktoonsters on 3 July 2008).[13] The channel closed on 31 July 2009 and was replaced with a one-hour timeshift of Nicktoons on 1 August 2009.[14][15]


Main article: List of programmes broadcast by Nickelodeon (UK and Ireland)

Over the years the network has produced series including Genie in the House (2006–2009), Summer in Transylvania (2010–2012), Goldie’s Oldies (2021) and Overlord and the Underwoods (2021-). Apart from local continuity programming including Camp Orange and Nickelodeon Slimefest, Nickelodeon UK mainly airs imported programming from the US network. House of Anubis (2011-2013) and It’s Pony (2020-2022) were created in the UK, but were produced for the American channel and premiered in the US market first.

Kids' Choice Awards

Main article: Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards

Traditionally, the Kids' Choice Awards in the United Kingdom and Ireland before 2007 included only an airing of the original ceremony from the USA. Nickelodeon UK from then on held a full ceremony for two years in 2007 and 2008 which included a fully local slate of categories and was held at the ExCeL London. No ceremony or UK-specific awards were held in 2009 after network budget cuts, and since 2010 only a few local categories are voted by children in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which are awarded each year by Nickelodeon presenters as continuity during the airing of the American ceremony on a one-day delay.

Nickelodeon Land

Main article: Blackpool Pleasure Beach § Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon Land is a section of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach resort in Blackpool which is a six-acre (2.4 ha) section of the park featuring themed Nickelodeon attractions and souvenirs. The Nickelodeon Land section of the park opened in April 2011.


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