Nickelodeon Land
Avatar Airbender in Nickelodeon Land
Area42 acres (17 ha)
Roller coasters2
Water rides2
Other rides9
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Coordinates53°47′25″N 3°03′20″W / 53.79028°N 3.05556°W / 53.79028; -3.05556
Opened4 May 2011 (2011-05-04)
ReplacedBeaver Creek

Nickelodeon Land is the current children's park in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, England. It opened on May 4, 2011[1] and is in the place of Beaver Creek which closed on September 5, 2010 after Amanda Thompson announced that the Pleasure Beach would be working with Nickelodeon to open a new and modern children's theme park.


# Name Opened Description
1 Blue Flyer 1934 A children's wooden coaster composed of bunny hills and a tunnel. Originally known as Zipper Dipper then renamed to Blue Flyer and re-painted in 2011.[2]
2 Avatar Airbender 2011 Opened May 2011.[3]
3 Dora's World Voyage 2011 A mini boat tub ride, opened June 2011. Made a soft opening May 2011.
4 Rugrats Lost River 2011 A semi-themed one-hill log chute originally in the park's previous Beaver Creek, now located in Nickelodeon Land. Based on The Rugrats Movie.
5 The Backyardigans Pirate Treasure 2011 Opened May 2011.

Retheme of the previous 'Bradley Beaver's Pirate Ship Ride'

6 Nickelodeon Streak 1933 A classic wooden coaster found in Nickelodeon Land. From 1933 to 2011, it was known simply as Rollercoaster. It was renamed to Nickelodeon Streak in 2011.
7 Bikini Bottom Bus Tour 2011 Opened May 2011.
8 Diego's Rainforest Rescue 2011 Opened May 2011.
9 Fairy World Taxi Spin 2011 Opened May 2011.
10 Krusty Krab Order Up 2011 Opened May 2011. Retheme of the previous 'The Shoot' ride.
11 SpongeBob's Splash Bash 2011 Opened May 2011.
12 Wonder Pets Big Circus Bounce 2011 Opened May 2011.
13 Paw Patrol Quads 2011 Opened on an Unknown date. Re-theme of ‘Super Quads’ and ‘Boots Beach Buggies’.

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