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CountryUnited Kingdom
Broadcast area
HeadquartersLondon: 17-29 Hawley Crescent
Language(s)Russian, English
OwnerViacomCBS Networks EMEAA
Sister channelsNick Jr. Nicktoons
LaunchedNovember 15, 1998
ReplacedNickelodeon Europe
WebsiteOfficial site

Nickelodeon is a Russian & English language children's television channel launched on November 15, 1998, across Russia & the Post-Soviet States.

The high-definition simulcast started broadcasting on October 4, 2011, becoming the first kids channel throughout the CIS countries to broadcast in HD.



On September 1, 1993, Nickelodeon UK began broadcasting in Europe and the western part of Russia from the Astra 1C and Astra 1B satellites. Broadcasting was from 9:00 to 22:00 MSK. Since 1996, Nickelodeon UK has broadcast from the Sirius satellite for the western and north-western part of Russia.[2][3]

In 1998

On September 16, 1998,[4] Nickelodeon International signed a contract with Metromedia International Group.[5] Metromedia International Group was engaged in localization of the channel into Russian.

The channel starts broadcasting in the round-the-clock mode since November 15, 1998, having two audio tracks: Russian and English. Dubbing is done in Moscow. Initially, cassettes with recordings were sent to Moscow, after that, the material was dubbed and the tapes were going back to London, where is the broadcast from to this day.[6]

In 2003, the channel began broadcasting in Ukraine.[7]

In 2004, the channel broadcasts for the whole of Eastern Europe, a Hungarian audio track was also added.[8]

In 2006, the channel's distributor in the CIS became Media Broadcasting Group.[9] In the same year, a Polish audio track was added.[10][11]

In 2010, the broadcasting center moved to Prague from London, but the programming of the channel was handled by London.[12][13]

On September 17, 2011, Nickelodeon switched to widescreen broadcasting (16:9).

In 2011, a representative office of Viacom was opened in Russia and begins to deal with the distribution of the channel.

In 2012, the channel has removed all of the sound track, except for Russian and English, but for some time the broadcast continued to go from Prague, later moved to London.[14]

Since January 1, 2015, the channel has been broadcasting without advertising. Moscow took over programming of the channel, however, the broadcast continues from London.[15][16]

Since June 1, 2017, it has been abbreviated as "Nick".


In The Loud House, episodes featuring Howard and Harold McBride, Luna, Sam, Lainey and Alice were banned because same-sex relationships are not recognized on Russia.


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