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MTV Belgium
Picture format1080i HDTV
576i SDTV (16:9)
Timeshift serviceNickelodeon (Netherlands & Flanders) (February 2004 - 3 October 2011)
Launched16 February 2004[1]

MTV Belgium was the Flemish version of MTV. The channel's audience is somewhat older than that of The Music Factory (TMF)[citation needed] and focuses more on alternative music. In spring 2021, MTV Netherlands and MTV Belgium were merged into one channel - MTV Nederland and België.

Local Programming

MTV Europe

MTV Europe began broadcasting in Dutch 1987. Prior to 1987, the network's programs featured European video jockeys (VJ) who presented in English. Belgian singer, writer and media personality, Marcel Vanthilt, was an MTV Europe VJ from 1987 to 1990,[2] and was well-known for the MTV programme, Cokes & Vanthilt.[3]

MTV Netherlands

In February 2004, MTV Europe was replaced by MTV Netherlands on Flemish pay television. Unlike its country of origin, MTV Netherlands did not broadcast 24 hours per day in Belgium, but presented Dutch content with intermittent Flemish advertising. In addition to international produced shows, there are two local shows running on MTV Flanders; a Dutch version of Ridiculousness and the Dutch-Flemish version of Ex on the Beach.


MTV Networks claims that MTV Flanders, together with TMF and Nickelodeon, reaches 2.3 million households daily. The company states that it aims to deliver "strong and relevant content" to its core audience via various multimedia platforms.[1]


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