CountryUnited Kingdom
Picture format576i 16:9 SDTV
OwnerThe Box Plus Network
(Channel Four Television Corporation)
Sister channels4seven
Channel 4
The Box
Box Hits
Launched15 August 2008
ReplacedThe Hits
FreeviewChannel 30
Virgin Media (UK)Channel 337
Virgin Media (Ireland)Channel 660 (TV 360)
Channel 716 (Horizon and older boxes)
Sky (UK only)Channel 139
FreesatChannel 506
Streaming media
The Box Plus NetworkWatch live
Virgin TV GoWatch live (UK only)

4Music is a British free-to-view television channel launched on 15 August 2008 as a replacement for The Hits. Its programming focuses on music as well as entertainment programming (most of which are from sister channels Channel 4 and E4), broadcasting from 7am to 3am daily; music videos air 7am to 12pm on weekdays and from 7am to 2pm on weekends.


4Music began its broadcast in 2008 with an on-screen countdown which lasted for ten minutes. During the countdown, clips from popular music videos were faded through the screen, including clips from promotions for the channel. The channel then launched at 7 pm with a promotional advert before fading into "Davina (McCall) and Steve (Jones)'s 20 Big Ones"; the first song at number 20 being "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters, and Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" at number 1.

Kylie Minogue's KYLIEX2008 tour was broadcast, and completing the launch night line-up was Big Brother Live, where Rachel Rice was given a 'favourite things party' for surviving that night's eviction. She and her chosen favourite housemate, Kathreya Kasisopa, were taken to a private room where Rachel's top 10 favourite songs were played. Live coverage of the 2008 V Festival was shown on 16 and 17 August and highlights were shown on subsequent days. These highlights sparked complaints, however, as to the overall quality of coverage, due to the main headliners not getting their full sets played out.

Despite the arguments between Davina and Steve as to whose face appeared first on the channel, the first face seen on 4Music was Kylie Minogue, introducing her live concert at 9 pm on the launch night (as they later explained).

The launch also saw a new Digital on-screen graphic appear on the screen, and new idents with a woman swivelling on a chair with the channel's logo in the background. The concept for the channel's on-air presentation was similar to the previous idea The Hits had, with a TV suddenly filling with colour throughout the room.

On 2 April 2013, all Box Television channels went free-to-air on satellite, apart from 4Music which went free-to-view.[1] As a result, the channels were removed from the Sky EPG in Ireland.[2] Eventually, 4Music also went free-to-air on 7 February 2017 and launched on Freesat, replacing The Box, but reverted to being free-to-view on 12 December 2018.

On 25 September 2017, 4Music received an update to its on-screen graphics, revolving around four squares which extend to create the 4Music logo and animate to form the artist credit. In 2018, 4Music changed its logo to add the current Channel 4 logo to it, with '4' and 'Music' mashed up together. This change also happened to its other channels.[3]

From 16 April 2018, the channel now shows more entertainment programmes as well as archive Channel 4 programming to coincide with a change in the EPG numbers on Sky from 1 May 2018.

On 4 November 2020, 4Music moved from channel 29 to 30 as part of a move up where every channel from channel 24 to 54 on the platform moved up one place to allow BBC Four to move to channel 24 in Scotland due to new Ofcom rules regarding certain PSB channels requiring greater prominence on EPGs. This is because the BBC Scotland channel is on channel 9 in Scotland, whilst BBC Four is on channel 9 in the rest of the UK.

Transmission of 4Music and other channels operated by Channel 4 was impacted by the activation of a fire suppressant system at the premises of Red Bee Media on 25 September 2021.[4] From 27 September to 6 October 2021, 4Music simulcasted the output of The Box, in place of usual scheduled programming, with a note shown on EPGs about the technical problems.[5] The simulcast was changed to Box Hits on 7 October 2021,[6] while output from 4Music was restored on 15 October, though initially with music videos only. Longform programming returned to the channel on 9 November,[7] beginning at 12.07pm with Couples Come Dine with Me. The last song played before longform programming resumed after over 1 1/2 months was Becky Hill & David Guetta - Remember.


Programmes shown on the channel as of Tuesday 9 November 2021:[8]

Current programming acquired from overseas networks (2021 to date)

Current programming originally from Channel 4/E4 (2021 to date)

Other programming from Channel 4 (2020-2021)

These shows are not currently listed in 4Music's schedules as of November 2021, but may be repeated in the future:

Former programming

Original programming (2010-2019)

Programming from Channel 4 (2010-2019)

The channel is also well known for repeating some of Channel 4's shows. Most of the shows listed below can also be found on E4, as that is a Channel Four Television Corporation service with a target market range of 16–34 years-of-age. As of September 2019, 4Music was showing the following Channel 4 programmes in its schedule (the shows are not currently listed in 4Music's schedules but may be repeated in the future):

Programming from other channels (2010-2019)

Other former programming

Music programming

Former music programming

Award ceremonies

V Festival and T4 on the Beach

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4Music has coverage at both festivals during the Summer, with highlights repeated frequently throughout the Summer. The channel also has stages at both events. At T4 on the Beach since 2007 (renamed the "T4 and 4Music Stage" in 2010) and at the V Festival since 2005 (then known as the "Channel 4 Stage", renamed to the "4Music Stage" in 2008).

T4 on the Beach ended after T4 ended its final run on 29 December 2012.

Former logos


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