Caucasian Sign Language
Armenian Woman's Sign Language
Native toArmenia
language isolate
  • Caucasian Sign Language
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Armenian Woman's Sign Language, also known as Caucasian Sign Language or Harsneren (Armenian: հարսներէն, "bride's language"), is an indigenous sign language of Armenia. It is not directly related to the sign languages of Europe, though it may have historical connections to monastic sign language. It developed under marriage speech taboos similar to those operating in Aboriginal Australia (see Australian Aboriginal sign languages), and is now defunct.[2]

Under the strict patriarchal society then existing in Armenia, a newly married woman was not allowed to speak in the presence of her husband, in-laws and certain other people. She could make simple communication using Harsneren. A study of the language took place in Tavush Province in the 1930s.[3][2]

The deaf community now has its own sign language, known as Armenian Sign Language.

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