Valencian Sign Language
Llengua de signes valenciana
Native toSpain
RegionValencian Community.
Native speakers
6,000–10,000 (2014)[1]
possibly French SL
Language codes
ISO 639-3vsv

Valencian Sign Language (Valencian: Llengua de signes valenciana [ˈʎeŋɡwa ðe ˈsiŋnez valensiˈana]), or LSV,[2] is a sign language used by deaf people in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is closely related to Catalan Sign Language (LSC); they are variously described as similar languages or as dialects of a single language.

Valencia was the first Spanish autonomous community to support the use of sign language in the Statute of Autonomy, but does not specify which sign language is to be used. The use of LSV in Valencia has, however, diminished and is restricted to administrative communications and occasional usage in the media.

Learning LSV


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  2. ^ Also abbreviated as LSCV (for Llengua de signes de la Comunitat Valenciana) and LSPV (for Llengua de signes del País Valencià)