Chief Scientist of the Air Force
Headquarters Air Force Identification Badge
Dr. Victoria Coleman
since April 6, 2021
Inaugural holderDr. Ivan Alexander Getting

The Chief Scientist of the Air Force is the most senior science and technology representative in the United States Department of the Air Force. The current Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force is Victoria Coleman, sworn in on April 6, 2021.[1][2]

Roles and responsibilities

The Chief Scientist of the Air Force has several roles and responsibilities, including:[3]

Products of the Office of the Chief Scientist

The Office of the Chief Scientist has conducted several strategic studies including:

Chronological list of Chief Scientists of the Air Force

No. Picture Name Term of Office Doctorate Chief of Staff Secretary Military Assistant
37 Dr Victoria Coleman Dr. Victoria Coleman April 6, 2021 – Incumbent University of Manchester, Computer Science, 1988 Charles Q. Brown Jr. John P. Roth Col David Montminy (2022-)
Col Jason Vap (2021-2022)
Col Mario Serna (2019-2021)
David W. Allwin Frank Kendall III
36 Dr. Richard J. Joseph January 2018 – April 5, 2021 University of Texas at Austin, Physics, 1979 Charles Q. Brown Jr. Barbara Barrett Col Mario Serna (2019-2021)
Col Michelle Ewy (2016-2019)
David L. Goldfein Heather Wilson
35 Dr. Greg Zacharias June 2015 – January 2018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Instrumentation, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1977 Mark Welsh Deborah Lee James Col Michelle Ewy (2016–2019)
Col Anne L. Clark (2015–2016)
34 Dr. Mica Endsley June 2013 – May 2015 University of Southern California, Industrial & Systems Engineering, 1990 Mark Welsh Deborah Lee James Col Anne L. Clark (2014-2015)
Col James (Monty) Greer (2013-2014)
33 Dr. Mark T. Maybury October 2010– May 2013 University of Cambridge, Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), 1991 Mark Welsh Michael B. Donley Col James (Monty) Greer (2012–2013)
Col Rod Miller (2011–2012)
Col Eric Silkowski (2010–2011)
Norton A. Schwartz
32 Dr. Werner J. A. Dahm October 2008– September 30, 2010 California Institute of Technology, Aeronautics, 1985 Norton A. Schwartz Michael B. Donley Col Eric Silkowski (2008–2010)
31 Dr. Mark J. Lewis October 2004 – October 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aeronautics & Astronautics, 1988 T. Michael Moseley Michael Wynne Col Robert Fredell (2006–2008)
John P. Jumper James G. Roche Col Daniel DeForest (2004–2006)
30 Dr. Alexander H. Levis 2001–2004 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems), 1968 John P. Jumper James G. Roche Col Daniel DeForest (2004)
Col John Bedford (Sept. 2001 to 2003)
Col Donald Erbschloe (-Dec 2001)
29 Dr. Louis S. Metzger 1999–2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1975 Michael E. Ryan James G. Roche
Lawrence J. Delaney
F. Whitten Peters
Col Donald Erbschloe (1998–2001)
28 Dr. Daniel E. Hastings 1997–1999 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Plasma Physics, 1980; (B.A. Oxford in Mathematics) F. Whitten Peters
27 Dr. Ed Feigenbaum 1994–1997 Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) Ronald R. Fogleman Sheila E. Widnall Col Harvey Dahljelm (1994–1998)
Merrill A. McPeak
26 Dr. George R. Abrahamson 1991–1994 Merrill A. McPeak Merrill A. McPeak
Michael B. Donley
Donald B. Rice
Col James Whiting (1991–1994)
25 Dr. Robert W. Selden 1988–1991 John M. Loh
Michael Dugan
Larry D. Welch
Donald B. Rice
John J. Welch, Jr.
James F. McGovern
Col Dan Heitz (1988–1989) and Col John Woody (1989–1991)
24 Dr. Harold W. Sorenson 1985–1988 UCLA, Electrical Engineering, 1966 Larry D. Welch
Charles A. Gabriel
Edward C. Aldridge Jr.
Russell A. Rourkee
Verne Orr
Col Robert Hovde (1983–1987) and Col Robert Lancaster (1987–1988)
23 Allen R. Stubberud 1983–1985 UCLA, Engineering Charles A. Gabriel Verne Orr Col Robert Hovde (1983–1987)
22 Edwin B. Stear 1979–1982 Lew Allen Jr. Hans Mark Col Michael Mottern (1982–1983)
Col Robert Bannach (1981–1982)
21 Harry L. Van Trees 1978–1979 John C. Stetson Col Robert Dundervill Jr. (1977–1981)
20 Fumio Robert Naka 1975–1978 David C. Jones John C. Stetson
Thomas C. Reed
James W. Plummer
BGen Charles Cabell Jr. (1976–1977)
19 Dr. Michael I. Yarymovych 1973–1975 B. Eng Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, New York University 1955, D Eng SC, 1960 Columbia University, Institute of Flight Structures David C. Jones
George S. Brown
John Dale Ryan
James W. Plummer
John L. McLucas
Col James Strub (1974–1976)
18 Eugene E. Covert 1972–1973 MIT PhD Magnetohydrodynamics John D. Ryan Robert C. Seamans, Jr. Col Thaddeus Welch Jr. (1971–1974)
17 James W. Mar 1970–1972 MIT Undergraduate 1941; PhD MIT, Civil Engineering LtCol Frank Attinger Jr. (1966–1971)
16 John J. Welch, Jr. 1969–1970 Undergraduate MIT Mechanical Engineering 1951
15 John C. Fisher 1968–1969 Undergraduate Ohio State, Physics, MIT PhD John P. McConnell Robert C. Seamans, Jr.
Harold Brown
14 Robert H. Cannon, Jr. 1966–1968 University of Rochester 1944 PhD Mechanical Engineering MIT 1950 Harold Brown
13 Robert G. Loewy 1965–1966 RPI, MIT Masters 1948 Col Mike Zubon (1962–1966)
12 Dr. Winston R. Markey 1964–1965 BS Aeronautical Engineering, MIT, 1951, PhD MIT Aero Instrumentation John P. McConnell
Curtis E. LeMay
Eugene M. Zuckert
11 Dr. Robert W. Buchheim 1963–1964 Curtis E. LeMay
10 Dr. Launor F. Carter 1962–1963 Physiology
9 Dr. Leonard S. Sheingold 1961–1962 Col Loyd Jensen (1961–1962)
8 Alexander H. Flax 1959–1961 New York University, Aeronautical Engineering, 1940 Thomas D. White Dudley C. Sharp
James H. Douglas, Jr.
Col David Pearsall (1957–1961)
7 Joseph V. Charyk 1959 Univ of Alberta, Engineering Physics 1942; California Institute of Technology PhD 1946 James H. Douglas, Jr.
6 George E. Valley Jr. 1957–1958 University of Rochester, Physics, 1939
5 Courtland D. Perkins 1956–1957 M.S. MIT 1941; Princeton Honorary PhD, 2001 Nathan F. Twining James H. Douglas, Jr.
Donald A. Quarles
Col John Taylor (1954–1957)
4 Dr. Horton Guyford Stever 1955–1956 California Institute of Technology, Physics, 1941 Donald A. Quarles
Harold E. Talbott
3 Dr. Chalmers W. Sherwin 1954–1955 University of Chicago, Experimental Physics 1940 (with Arthur Dempster) Harold E. Talbott
2 David T. Griggs 1951–1952 Junior Fellow in Geology at University of Harvard Hoyt S. Vandenberg Thomas K. Finletter Col Theodore Walkowicz(1950–1954)
1 Dr. Louis N. Ridenour reported to MGen Gordon P. Saville DCS/D 1950–1951 California Institute of Technology, Physics, 1936 Col Peter Shenk (1950)
None Gen James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle (Special Assistant for Scientific Matters) 1951 MIT Sc.D. in Aeronautics, June 1925
None Dr. Ivan Alexander Getting (Special Assistant for Evaluation) 1950 University of Oxford (Rhodes Scholar), Astrophysics, 1935 William S. Symington


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