This is a list of Groups in the United States Air Force that do not belong to a host wing.

The last level of independent operation is the group level. When an organization is not part of the primary mission of the base it will be made an independent group. They may report to a wing or they may be completely independent (the 317th Airlift Group at Dyess Air Force Base). They may also be organized as an expeditionary unit, independent but too small to warrant a wing designation. The organization of the independent group is usually similar to the operations group, but with a few squadrons or flight from the support side added to make the organization more self-sufficient, but not large enough to become a wing.

Current Groups

Group Shield Location MAJCOM/DRU Weapons System
1st Air Support Operations Group
1st Air Support Operations Group.PNG
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington PACAF
1st Weather Group (WXG)
1st Weather Group.png
Offutt AFB, Nebraska AFWA
2nd Weather Group
USAF - 2nd Weather Group.png
Offutt AFB, Nebraska AFWA
3rd Air Support Operations Group
USAF - 3rd Air Support Operations Group.png
Fort Hood, Texas ACC
3rd Combat Communications Group (CCG)
USAF - 3d Combat Communications Group.png
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFSPC
4th Air Support Operations Group
USAF - 4th Air Support Operations Group.png
Campbell Barracks, Germany USAFE
5th Combat Communications Group
5th Combat Communications Group.png
Robins AFB, Georgia AFSPC
18th Air Support Operations Group
USAF - 18th Air Support Operations Group.png
Pope Field, North Carolina ACC
23rd Fighter Group
23d Wing.jpg
Moody AFB, Georgia ACC A-10
26th Network Operations Group
26th Cyberspace Operations Group.JPG
Joint Base San Antonio, Texas AFSPC
38th Cyberspace Engineering Group Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFSPC
43rd Air Mobility Operations Group
43 Air Mobility Operations Gp emblem.png
Pope Field, North Carolina AMC
44th Fighter Group
44th Fighter Group.jpg
Holloman AFB, New Mexico AFRC F-22
53rd Electronic Warfare Group
Eglin AFB, Florida ACC
53rd Test and Evaluation Group
53d Wing.png
Nellis AFB, Nevada ACC
53rd Test Management Group Eglin AFB, Florida ACC
53rd Weapons Evaluation Group
Tyndall AFB, Florida ACC QF-4
54th Fighter Group
54th Fighter Group.PNG
Holloman AFB, New Mexico AETC F-16
55th Electronic Combat Group
USAF - 55th Electronic Combat Group.png
Davis–Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC EC-130
61st Air Base Group
61st Air Base Wing.svg
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC
64th Air Expeditionary Group
64th Air Expeditionary Group.png
Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia USAFCENT
65th Air Base Group
65th Air Base Wing.png
Lajes Field, Azores USAFE
66th Air Base Group
66th Air Base Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC
69th Reconnaissance Group
69th Reconnaissance Group emblem.png
Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota ACC
162nd Combat Communications Group
162d Combat Communications Group.PNG
North Highlands ANGS, California AFSPC/ANG
170th Group
USAF - 170th Group.png
Offutt AFB, Nebraska ACC/ANG
214th Reconnaissance Group
USAF - 214 Reconnaissance Group.png
Davis–Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC/ANG
226th Combat Communications Group Abston ANGS, Alabama AFSPC/ANG
251st Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group Springfield ANGB, Ohio AFSPC/ANG
253rd Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group
253d Combat Communications Group.PNG
Otis ANGB, Massachusetts AFSPC/ANG
254th Combat Communications Group
254th Combat Communications Group.PNG
Hensley Field, Texas AFSPC/ANG
306th Flying Training Group
306th Flying Training Group.png
USAF Academy, Colorado AETC
308th Armament Systems Group
308th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
317th Airlift Group
317 Airlift Group crest.png
Dyess AFB, Texas AMC C-130
318th Information Operations Group
318th Information Operations Group.PNG
Joint Base San Antonio, Texas AFSPC
328th Armament Systems Group
328th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
336th Training Group
336th Training Group.png
Fairchild AFB, Washington AETC UH-1
340th Flying Training Group
USAF - 340th Flying Training Group.png
Joint Base San Antonio, Texas AFRC T-1A T-6 T-37 T-38
347th Rescue Group
Moody AFB, Georgia ACC HC-130 HH-60
353rd Special Operations Group
353d Special Operations Group.png
Kadena AB, Japan AFSOC MC-130 MH-53
360th Recruiting Group Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna AETC
363rd Training Group
USAF - 363rd Training Group.png
Al Dhafra AB, United Arab Emirates USAFCENT
367th Recruiting Group Robins AFB, Georgia AETC
369th Recruiting Group Lackland AFB, Texas AETC
372nd Recruiting Group
USAF - 372nd Recruiting Group.png
Hill AFB, Utah AETC
381st Training Group
381st Training Group.PNG
Vandenberg AFB, California AETC Minuteman III
387th Air Expeditionary Group
387th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem.png
Kuwait City IAP, Kuwait USAFCENT
404th Air Expeditionary Group
404th Air Expeditionary Group.PNG
Ramstein AB, Germany USAFE C-130
407th Air Expeditionary Group
407th Air Expeditionary Group.png
408th Armament Systems Group
408th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
409th Air Expeditionary Group
409th Air Expeditionary Group emblem.png
Ramstein AB, Germany USAFE C-130
413th Flight Test Group
USAF - 413fth Flight Test Group.png
Robins AFB, Georgia AFRC
414th Fighter Group
USAF - 414th Fighter Group.png
Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina AFRC
420th Air Base Group
420th Air Base Group.png
RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, England USAFE
422nd Air Base Group
422d Air Base Group.png
RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire, England USAFE
423rd Air Base Group
423d Air Base Group.png
RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, England USAFE
438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png
Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan USAFCENT
447th Air Expeditionary Group
USAF - 447th Air Expeditionary Group 2.png
Baghdad International Airport, Iraq USAFCENT
449th Air Expeditionary Group
449th Bombardment Wing.PNG
Camp Lemonier, Djibouti USAFE
463rd Airlift Group
463 airlift gp.jpg
Inactive AMC
466th Air Expeditionary Group
466th Air Expeditionary Group.png
Afghanistan AFCENT
476th Fighter Group
Moody AFB, Georgia AFRC A-10
477th Fighter Group
477 fighter gp.jpg
Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson, Alaska AFRC F-22
495th Fighter Group Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina AFRC F-16 A-10
504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group
USAF - 504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group.png
Bagram AB, Afghanistan USAFCENT
506th Air Expeditionary Group
506th Air Expeditionary Group.PNG
513th Air Control Group
USAF - 513th Air Control Group.png
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFRC E-3
526th ICBM Systems Group
USAF - 526th ICBM Systems Group.png
Inactive AFMC
563rd Rescue Group
563d Rescue Group - Emblem.png
Davis–Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC HH-60/HC-130
582nd Helicopter Group F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming AFGSC UH-1
595th Command and Control Group
USAF - 595th Space Group.png
Offutt AFB, Nebraska AFGSC
605th Air Operations Group
USAF - 605th Air Operations Group.png
Inactive PACAF
607th Air Support Operations Group
USAF - 607th Air Support Operations Group.png
Osan AB, Korea PACAF
611th Air Support Group
611th Air Support Group.png
Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson, Alaska PACAF
615th Air Mobility Operations Group
USAF - 615th Air Mobility Operations Group.png
Travis AFB, California AMC
621st Air Mobility Operations Group
USAF - 621st Air Mobility Operations Group.png
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey AMC
688th Cyberspace Operations Group Scott AFB, Illinois AFSPC
690th Network Support Group
690-Network Support Gp-Shield.png
Joint Base San Antonio, Texas AFSPC
708th Armament Systems Group
708th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
715th Air Mobility Operations Group
USAF - 715th Air Mobility Operations Group.png
Joint Base Pearl Harbor–Hickam, Hawaii AMC
720th Special Tactics Group
USAF - 720th Special Tactics Group.png
Hurlburt Field, Florida AFSOC
721st Air Mobility Operations Group
USAF - 721st Air Mobility Operations Group.png
Ramstein AB, Germany AMC
728th Armament Systems Group
728th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan USAFCENT
752nd Special Operations Group RAF Mildenhall, UK AFSOC MC-130 MH-53
808th Armament Systems Group
808th Armament Systems Group.PNG
Inactive AFMC
820th Base Defense Group
820th Security Forces Group.PNG
Moody AFB, Georgia ACC
821st Air Base Group [1]
USAF - 821st Air Base Group.png
Thule AB, Greenland AFSPC
838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png
Shindand AB, Afghanistan USAFCENT
844th Communications Group
844th Communications Group.png
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC AFDW
917th Fighter Group
917th Wing.png
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana AFRC
924th Fighter Group Davis–Monthan AFB, Arizona AFRC
926th Group
926th Group - emblem.png
Nellis AFB, Nevada AFRC
931st Air Refueling Group
USAF - 931st Air Refueling Group.png
McConnell AFB, Kansas AFRC KC-135
943rd Rescue Group
943d Rescue Group.png
Davis–Monthan AFB, Arizona AFRC HH-60
960th Cyberspace Operations Group
960-Cyberspace Operations Gp-Shield.png
Lackland AFB, Texas AFRC/AFSPC

Inactive Groups

The 1st, 2nd, and 9th Aeromedical Evacuation Groups all previously existed.

The 427th Special Operations Training Squadron (Tail Code IJ) at England Air Force Base, Louisiana, flew the Cessna A-37 Dragonfly (OA-37B FAC variant) from 1970–1972, assigned to the provisional 4410th Special Operations Training Group, Tactical Air Command.

In 1988, Tactical Air Command activated the 4443rd Test and Evaluation Group as an operational test unit at Eglin Air Force Base, an Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) base.

The 4450th Standardization Evaluation Group (SEG) was activated in the early 1960s.[2]

Colonel Abner M. Aust served as Deputy Commander and then Commander of the 6002nd Standardization Evaluation Group at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, from September 1963 to June 1965.[1] The group was inactivated on 20 November 1967.[3]

The 7382nd Guided Missile Group (Tactical) was stationed at Hahn Air Base, West Germany, in the 1960s before being replaced by the 701st Tactical Missile Wing.

Group Shield Location MAJCOM/DRU Years Active
311th Air Base Group
311th Human Systems Wing.png
Brooks City-Base AFMC ? – 2011
368th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group Iraq AFCENT Inactivated 18 Dec 2011[2]
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png
New Al Muthana AB, Iraq USAFCENT 200? – 2011
467th Air Expeditionary Group[3] Iraq USAFCENT Inactivated 18 Dec 2011[2]
586th Air Expeditionary Group
USAF - 586th Air Expeditionary Group.png
Iraq USAFCENT 2005–2010[4]
732nd Air Expeditionary Group
732d Air Expeditionary Group.png
Iraq USAFCENT Replaced by 467 AEG
755th Air Expeditionary Group[5]
755th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem.png
Afghanistan USAFCENT Replaced by 466 AEG
800th Air Base Group Whiteman AFB, MO SAC Redesignated 1960 as 800th Combat Support Group
801st Air Base Group Lockbourne AFB, OH SAC Redesignated 1960 as 801st Combat Support Group
802nd Air Base Group Schilling AFB, KS SAC Redesignated 1960 as 802nd Combat Support Group
803rd Air Base Group Davis–Monthan AFB, AZ SAC Redesignated 1960 as 803rd Combat Support Group
804th Air Base Group Hunter AFB, GA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 804th Combat Support Group
805th Air Base Group Barksdale AFB, LA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 805th Combat Support Group
806th Air Base Group Lake Charles AFB, LA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 806th Combat Support Group
807th Air Base Group March AFB, CA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 807th Combat Support Group
808th Air Base Group March AFB, CA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 808th Combat Support Group
809th Air Base Group Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, WY SAC
810th Air Base Group Biggs AFB, TX SAC Redesignated 1960 as 810th Combat Support Group
811th Air Base Group Bergstrom AFB, TX SAC Redesignated 1960 as 811th Combat Support Group
812th Air Base Group Walker AFB, NM SAC Redesignated 1960 as 812th Combat Support Group
813th Air Base Group Pinecastle AFB, FL SAC
814th Air Base Group Fairchild AFB, WA SAC Relocated: 1955
814th Air Base Group Westover AFB, MA SAC Redesignated 1960
815th Air Base Group Forbes AFB, KS SAC Redesignated 1960 as 815th Combat Support Group
816th Air Base Group Altus AFB, OK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 816th Combat Support Group
817th Air Base Group Pease AFB, NH SAC Redesignated 1960 as 817th Combat Support Group
818th Air Base Group Lincoln AFB, NE SAC Redesignated 1960 as 818th Combat Support Group
819th Air Base Group Dyess AFB, TX SAC Redesignated 1960 as 819th Combat Support Group
820th Air Base Group Plattsburgh AFB, NY SAC Redesignated 1960 as 820th Combat Support Group
821st Air Base Group Ellsworth AFB, SD SAC Redesignated 1960 as 821st Combat Support Group
822nd Air Base Group Turner AFB, GA SAC Redesignated 1960 as 822nd Combat Support Group
823rd Air Base Group Homestead AFB, FL SAC Redesignated 1960 as 823rd Combat Support Group
824th Air Base Group Carswell AFB, TX SAC Redesignated 1960 as 824th Combat Support Group
825th Air Base Group Little Rock AFB, AR SAC Redesignated 1960 as 825th Combat Support Group
862nd Air Base Group Minot AFB, ND SAC Redesignated 1960 as 862nd Combat Support Group
866th Combat Support Group McConnell AFB, KS SAC
1000th Satellite Operations Group Offutt AFB, NB Air Force Space Command 1 May 1983 - 31 July 1992, 1st Space Wing
1503rd Air Transport Group
1600th Air Transport Group
1607th Air Transport Group
1700th Air Transport Group
1701st Air Transport Group
1703rd Air Transport Group
1705th Air Transport Group
1706th Air Transport Group (Aeromedical Evacuation) Discontinued 1956 - see 13th Aeromedical Airlift Squadron
918th Armament Systems Group
918th Armament Systems Group.PNG
1001st Air Base Group Andrews AFB Military Air Transport Service (MATS) Base operating group for Andrews Air Force Base from 1 July 1968 to 1 July 1969.[6]
1450th Medical Air Evacuation Group Andrews AFB MATS? 4 January 1969 - 6 September 1969.[7]
1931st Communications Group
2049th Communications Group McClellan AFB AFCC
2714th Ammunition Supply Group (Depot) Tachikawa Air Base, Japan 1 October 1955 - 1 June 1956
3200th Proof Test Group
3205th Drone Group
3700th Technical Training Group Sheppard AFB, Texas Air Training Command From 1 February 1992, succeeded 3700th TTW
3906rd Air Base Group Sidi Slimane Air Base, French Morocco SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3906th Combat Support Group
3909rd Air Base Group RAF Greenham Common, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3909th Combat Support Group
3910th Air Base Group
RAF Lakenheath / RAF Mildenhall, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3910th Combat Support Group
3911th Air Base Group RAF West Drayton, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3911th Combat Support Group
3914th Air Base Group RAF Chelveston, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3914th Combat Support Group
3917th Air Base Group RAF Manston, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3917th Combat Support Group
3918th Air Base Group RAF Upper Heyford, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3918th Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 3918th Strategic Wing
3919th Air Base Group RAF Fairford, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3919th Combat Support Group
3920th Air Base Group RAF Brize Norton, UK SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3920th Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 3920th Strategic Wing
3922nd Combat Support Group Nouasseur Air Base, French Morocco SAC
3926th Combat Support Group Ben Guerir Air Base, French Morocco SAC
3928th Air Base Group RAF Sturgate, UK SAC 1954-57; redesignated 1960 as 3928th Combat Support Group
3936th Combat Support Group Boulhaut Air Base, French Morocco SAC
3960th Air Base Group Andersen AFB, Guam SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3960th Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 3960th Strategic Wing
3970th Combat Support Group Torrejon AB, Spain SAC Redesignated in 1964 as the 3970th Strategic Wing
3973rd Air Base Group Moron AB, Spain SAC Redesignated 1960 as 3973rd Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 3973rd Strategic Wing
3974th Combat Support Group Zaragoza AB, Spain SAC
4000th Support Group Offutt AFB, NB SAC 4000th SG organized on 1 February 1963; redesignated 4000th Aerospace Application Group on 1 January 1973; redesignated 4000th Satellite Operations Group on 3 April 1981
4037th Air Base Group Altus AFB, OK TAC Base operating group for Altus Air Force Base 15 Oct - 18 Nov. 1953.[8]
4082nd Air Base Group CFB Goose Bay, Canada SAC Redesignated 1960 as 4082nd Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 4082nd Strategic Wing
4083rd Air Base Group Thule AB, Greenland SAC Redesignated 1960 as 4083rd Air Base Wing and later as the 4083rd Strategic Wing
4084th Air Base Group Sondrestrom Air Base, Greenland SAC
4157th Combat Support Group Eielson AFB, Alaska SAC Redesignated 1964 as the 4157th Strategic Wing
4158th Air Base Group Elmendorf Field, Alaska SAC Redesignated 1960 as 4158th Combat Support Group and in 1964 as the 4158th Strategic Wing
4402nd Tactical Training Group Shaw AFB TAC Aircraft
4450th Tactical Group
USAF - 4450th Tactical Group.png
Tonopah Test Range Airport / Nellis AFB TAC
4460th Tactical Control Group Waco, TX Tactical Air Command Discontinued (disbanded) 1 March 1966.
6029th Support Group Chitose Air Base 8–31 December 1957
6332nd Air Base Group Kadena Air Base, Okinawa FEAF April 1949 – January 1950, then redesignated 6332nd Air Base Wing.
6400th Air Base Group Tachikawa Air Base, Japan Far East Air Forces? 1 Feb 1952 - ; redesignation of pre-1 Feb 1952 13th Air Base Group
6400th Maintenance & Supply Group Tachikawa Air Base FEAF? 1 Feb 1952 - unknown
6401st Ammunition Supply Group (Depot) Tachikawa Air Base FEAF? 1 Dec 1954 - ? Stationed at FEAMCOM AB, a sub-installation of Tachikawa AB.
6481st Medical Air Evacuation Group Tachikawa Air Base FEAF? 18 June 1953 -? The 6481st MAEG, a Table of Distribution unit, replaced the 801st MAES.[9]
6594th Test Group
6594th Test Group.PNG
6937th Communications Group
USAF - 6937th Communications Group.png
Peshawar Air Station, Pakistan
7020th Air Base Group
7020 air base gp fairford.jpg
Ramstein AB USAFE
7030th Air Base Group Ramstein AB USAFE
7375th Combat Support Group RAF Sculthorpe, UK
7382nd Guided Missile Group Hahn Air Base, West Germany USAFE Later 7382nd Tactical Missile Group; supervised 69th Tactical Missile Squadron, 15 April 1956 – 15 September 1956
7416th Aeromedical Evacuation Group Évreux-Fauville Air Base, France[10] USAFE 7416 AEG and its assigned units were reorganized on 8 April 1957 as the 2nd AEG, comprised the 1st, 3rd, and 7th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadrons and the 18th Casualty Staging Flight.[11]
7499th Support Group Wiesbaden, Germany USAFE
7560th Air Base Group RAF Alconbury USAFE
7575th Operations Group
USAF - 7575th Operations Group.png
Wiesbaden AB / Rhein-Main AB, Germany USAFE


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USAF Historical Research Agency list of current Groups and Wings.