Guadalupe Radio Netowrk

Guadalupe Radio Network is an American radio network based in Midland, Texas. It is owned by La Promesa Foundation, and is Doing Business As (D.B.A.) Guadalupe Radio Network.[1] The Guadalupe Radio Network provides Catholic religious radio programming to its stations. As of 2023, it includes 45 radio stations in the United States[2]


The Guadalupe Radio Network began on July 19, 2000 with the station KJBC, in Midland, Texas. By 2023, it included 45 radio stations in the Houston, Kansas, North Texas, West Texas, South Texas, Central Texas, Alabama, Florida, Washington, DC, and New Mexico markets.[2][3]

Radio stations

The Guadalupe Radio Network broadcasts in the following markets:[3]

Alabama & Florida Market

Kansas Market

Houston, Texas Market

North Texas Market

South & Central Texas Market

Washington, DC Market

West Texas & New Mexico Market



Guadalupe Radio Network's programming consists of a blend of original programming and syndicated radio shows. The vast majority of the latter are produced by the radio arm of Eternal Word Television Network or by Catholic Answers. These programs include "Catholic Answers Live", "The Son Rise Morning Show", "Catholic Connection" featuring Teresa Tomeo, "Women of Grace", "More 2 Life" featuring Greg and Lisa Popcak, "The Doctor is In" featuring Ray Guarendi, "Kresta in the Afternoon" featuring Al Kresta,[4][5]

GRN also broadcasts a number of shows it produces itself, including 'Catholic Drive Time', 'The Spirit World', and 'A Life Lived Joyfully'. Some individual GRN radio stations also include local religious programming, as well as diocesan programming.[6]


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