Wyoming Public Radio
Broadcast areaState of Wyoming
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BrandingWyoming Public Radio
FormatPublic radio
AffiliationsNPR, PRX, BBC
OwnerUniversity of Wyoming
First air date
September 14th, 1966
Call sign meaning
University of Wyoming Radio
Technical information
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Wyoming Public Radio (WPR) is the statewide public radio network in Wyoming, and is licensed to the University of Wyoming.

Programming and operation

Although licensed to the university, the network does not produce student-derived programming. Twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, the station conducts pledge drives, which is where a majority of its budget comes from. From the UW campus in Laramie, the network produces local news and music programming, mostly consisting of jazz, classical and adult album alternative music. The network also airs a variety of syndicated programs from National Public Radio, Public Radio Exchange, Native Voice One, and American Public Media. Some NPR, PRX, and BBC World Service programming includes Morning Edition, All Things Considered, BBC World Service, and many others.

Wyoming Public Radio also produces Classical Wyoming, a 24-hour classical format. It is available as an analog radio service in Laramie, Rock Springs, and Lander. It is also available on HD-2 throughout the state. WPR is the only public radio network produced in Wyoming. Other public radio networks and stations (including Yellowstone Public Radio, KUER-FM, KUNC, and KUVO) also reach into parts of the state.


Wyoming Public Radio was founded in 1966, and the station's format is similar to that of many other American public radio stations. The station can trace its roots back to KFBU, Wyoming's first radio station, which broadcast from St. Matthew's Cathedral in Laramie. KFBU was put on air by Warner N. Crosby, an engineering student at the University of Wyoming. He held a second-grade commercial license for radio, which, at the time, was required to broadcast. The station went on air with 10 watts on October 3, 1922. In 1923, the station was upgraded to 25 watts and more power later on. The station had a turbulent history but was often received at far distances.[1] The equipment was donated to the university in 1929. On September 28, 1938, broadcasts from the university were picked up via wire to be aired across the NBC Radio Network. [2] In 1957, the University's Engineering Department began "University Radio." On January 1, 1965, KTWO, Wyoming's oldest commercial radio station, donated a board to the university to use for on air broadcasts. The station's first affiliate, KUWR, received its license in 1966 and went on air for the fall semester. KUWR-FM broadcast from the student union.[3] In 1966, then University President John King encouraged the station to be used for sports broadcasts.[4] KUWR was Wyoming's second FM radio station, and was initially 10 watts, on 91.5 MHz.[5] The station moved to 91.9 and increased power to 50,000 watts in April of 1977. It was at that time that the studios were moved to Knight Hall where they remain today.[6]

In the late 1970s, KUWR began to pick up programming from National Public Radio, including All Things Considered. In the 1980s, network staples like Morning Edition and A Prairie Home Companion were added to the lineup. In the mid-1980s, translators of KUWR were put on air in Casper, and Aspen, Colorado. Demand for the radio network began to grow statewide, along with construction permits for new stations. KUWR's translator in Casper was limited to 10 watts, and the signal was unreliable due to wind issues. It was thought that a state-wide network could be built in 10 years. [7]

Wyoming Public Radio has continued to add stations to improve coverage throughout the state.

In September 2016, Wyoming Public Radio launched a fourth radio service named Wyoming Sounds. Wyoming Sounds is a rock-based format with emphasis on singer-songwriters and a wide variety of styles, including acoustic, folk, blues, soul, reggae, world, and Americana music. It is carried as an analog radio service in Laramie, Torrington, Lander, Riverton, and Worland. It is also available on HD-3 channels throughout the state. Its website is wyomingsounds.org.

The network celebrated its 55th year of broadcasting in 2021 with a slideshow of where the network started and how it grew.[8]


Call sign Frequency City of license State Facility ID ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
KUWA 91.3 FM[a] Afton Wyoming 83869 400 −95 m (−312 ft) A 42°51′2.00″N 110°58′46″W / 42.8505556°N 110.97944°W / 42.8505556; -110.97944 (KUWA)
KBUW 90.5 FM[a] Buffalo Wyoming 88434 430 −60 m (−200 ft) A 44°20′50″N 106°43′25″W / 44.34722°N 106.72361°W / 44.34722; -106.72361 (KBUW)
KUWC 91.3 FM[a] Casper Wyoming 82539 530 544 m (1,785 ft) C3 42°44′26″N 106°21′34″W / 42.74056°N 106.35944°W / 42.74056; -106.35944 (KUWC)
KDUW 91.7 FM Douglas Wyoming 92622 450 95 m (312 ft) A 42°43′24″N 105°18′21″W / 42.72333°N 105.30583°W / 42.72333; -105.30583 (KDUW)
KUWE 89.7 FM Evanston Wyoming 173678 2,000 403.6 m (1,324 ft) C2 41°21′14″N 110°54′38″W / 41.35389°N 110.91056°W / 41.35389; -110.91056 (KUWE)
KUWW 90.9 FM Fort Washakie Wyoming 174336 8,000 151 m (495 ft) C3 42°54′27″N 108°44′50″W / 42.90750°N 108.74722°W / 42.90750; -108.74722 (KUWW)
KUWG 90.9 FM[a] Gillette Wyoming 82478 450 126 m (413 ft) A 44°12′34″N 105°28′4″W / 44.20944°N 105.46778°W / 44.20944; -105.46778 (KUWG)
KUWJ 90.3 FM[a] Jackson Wyoming 69061 3,000 337 m (1,106 ft) C2 43°27′40″N 110°45′9″W / 43.46111°N 110.75250°W / 43.46111; -110.75250 (KUWJ)
KUWK 88.7 FM Kaycee Wyoming 173684 1,600 98.5 m (323 ft) A 43°53′41″N 106°40′48″W / 43.89472°N 106.68000°W / 43.89472; -106.68000 (KUWK)
KUWR[b] 91.9 FM[a] Laramie Wyoming 69131 100,000 335 m (1,099 ft) C0 41°18′36″N 105°27′17″W / 41.31000°N 105.45472°W / 41.31000; -105.45472 (KUWR)
KUWV 90.7 FM Lingle Wyoming 177173 14,000 96.1 m (315 ft) C3 42°20′02.80″N 104°09′56″W / 42.3341111°N 104.16556°W / 42.3341111; -104.16556 (KUWV)
KUWN 90.5 FM[a] Newcastle Wyoming 83868 400 62 m (203 ft) A 43°49′57″N 104°13′8″W / 43.83250°N 104.21889°W / 43.83250; -104.21889 (KUWN)
KUWX 90.9 FM[a] Pinedale Wyoming 92820 450 134 m (440 ft) A 42°50′40″N 109°55′24″W / 42.84444°N 109.92333°W / 42.84444; -109.92333 (KUWX)
KUWP 90.1 FM[a] Powell Wyoming 92308 430 495 m (1,624 ft) C3 44°35′14″N 108°51′8″W / 44.58722°N 108.85222°W / 44.58722; -108.85222 (KUWP)
KUWI 89.9 FM Rawlins Wyoming 173682 2,000 300.6 m (986 ft) C3 41°40′46″N 107°14′8″W / 41.67944°N 107.23556°W / 41.67944; -107.23556 (KUWI)
KUWZ 90.5 FM[a] Rock Springs Wyoming 69285 35,000 512 m (1,680 ft) C0 41°25′39″N 109°07′17″W / 41.42750°N 109.12139°W / 41.42750; -109.12139 (KUWZ)
KAIW 88.9 FM Saratoga Wyoming 93001 580 996.3 m (3,269 ft) C2 41°37′49.1″N 106°32′0.9″W / 41.630306°N 106.533583°W / 41.630306; -106.533583 (KAIW)
KSUW 91.3 FM[a] Sheridan Wyoming 82438 20,000 363.9 m (1,194 ft) C1 44°36′9″N 106°55′51″W / 44.60250°N 106.93083°W / 44.60250; -106.93083 (KSUW)
KUWD 91.5 FM[a] Sundance Wyoming 92621 430 485 m (1,591 ft) C3 44°28′35″N 104°26′54″W / 44.47639°N 104.44833°W / 44.47639; -104.44833 (KUWD)
KUWT 91.3 FM[a] Thermopolis Wyoming 92816 2,000 598 m (1,962 ft) C2 43°26′16″N 107°59′48″W / 43.43778°N 107.99667°W / 43.43778; -107.99667 (KUWT)
KEUW 89.9 FM Torrington Wyoming 173683 6,000 3.7 m (12 ft) A 42°04′35″N 104°11′28″W / 42.07639°N 104.19111°W / 42.07639; -104.19111 (KEUW)
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  2. ^ Flagship station
Broadcast translators
Call sign Frequency
City of license State Facility ID Rebroadcasts
K219LW 91.7 Driggs Idaho 91526 KUWR
K217BP 91.3 Dubois Wyoming 69276 KUWR
K298CH 107.5 Mountain View Wyoming 27136 KUWZ
K206AJ 89.1 Sinclair Wyoming 8735 KUWR
K298AY 107.5 Wheatland Wyoming 157083 KUWR
K227BB 93.3 Worland Wyoming 139565 KUWT

Wyoming Sounds

Wyoming Public Media operates an adult album alternative network branded Wyoming Sounds.

Two of the transmitters in this network, KTWY and KXWY, were previously commercial licenses held by Cochise Broadcasting, which only broadcast periodically to maintain their licenses. In 2017, the FCC entered into a consent decree with Cochise by which it surrendered these stations, KWWY (in the Classical Wyoming network), and other stations for donation to other entities.[9][10] KNWT operated independently from 2009 to 2017 as a service of Northwest College in Powell.

Call sign Frequency City of license State Facility ID ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
KNWT 89.1 FM Cody Wyoming 172695 16,500 483 m (1,585 ft) C1 44°34′29.5″N 108°49′32.6″W / 44.574861°N 108.825722°W / 44.574861; -108.825722 (KNWT)
KTWY 97.1 FM Shoshoni Wyoming 166052 2,200 606 m (1,988 ft) C1 43°26′16″N 107°59′46″W / 43.43778°N 107.99611°W / 43.43778; -107.99611 (KTWY)
KXWY 103.1 FM Hudson Wyoming 176944 30,000 175.6 m (576 ft) C2 42°54′28″N 108°44′49.1″W / 42.90778°N 108.746972°W / 42.90778; -108.746972 (KXWY)
Broadcast translators of Wyoming Sounds
Call sign Frequency
City of license State Facility ID
K247BC 97.3 Jackson Wyoming 158404
K278CM 103.5 Laramie Wyoming 36554
K206AJ 89.1 Sinclair Wyoming 8735
K208FY 89.5 Torrington Wyoming 24665
K231BW 94.1 Worland Wyoming 139569

Classical Wyoming

Three stations air their own programming, consisting mostly of classical music:

Call sign Frequency City of license State Facility ID ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
KUWY 88.5 FM Laramie Wyoming 91583 135 298 m (978 ft) A 41°18′36″N 105°27′17″W / 41.31000°N 105.45472°W / 41.31000; -105.45472 (KUWY)
KZUW 88.5 FM Reliance Wyoming 176944 260 472.3 m (1,550 ft) A 41°25′39″N 109°7′17″W / 41.42750°N 109.12139°W / 41.42750; -109.12139 (KZUW)
KWWY 106.5 FM Shoshoni Wyoming 166053 2,200 606 m (1,988 ft) C1 43°26′16″N 107°59′46″W / 43.43778°N 107.99611°W / 43.43778; -107.99611 (KWWY)
Broadcast translators of Classical Wyoming
Call sign Frequency
City of license State Facility ID Rebroadcasts
K240EK 95.9 Jackson Wyoming 158303 KUWJ-HD2
K220GP 91.9 Lander Wyoming 69240 KUWY


KUWL airs its own programming, consisting mostly of jazz music:

Call sign Frequency City of license State Facility ID ERP
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
KUWL 90.1 FM Laramie Wyoming 91563 110 295 m (968 ft) A 41°18′36″N 105°27′17″W / 41.31000°N 105.45472°W / 41.31000; -105.45472 (KUWL)
Broadcast translators of KUWL
Call sign Frequency
City of license State Facility ID
K213EZ 90.5 Riverton Wyoming 69240

Some of the affiliates are broadcasting digitally via HD Radio, with a subchannel consisting of full-time classical music, mostly from the Classical 24 network.[11]

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