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A Fox Sports Radio broadcast on Radio Row at Super Bowl LIII

Fox Sports Radio is an American sports radio network. Based in Los Angeles, California, the network is operated and managed by Premiere Networks in a content partnership with Fox Corporation's Fox Sports division and iHeartMedia, parent company of Premiere Networks. With studios also in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa, Phoenix, Tulsa, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas, Fox Sports Radio is broadcast on more than 400 stations, as well as on MSN and iHeartRadio.

Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia) sold its stake in Sirius XM Radio in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013. As a result, nine of Clear Channel's eleven XM Satellite Radio stations, including Fox Sports Radio, ceased broadcast over XM on October 18, 2013.[1] Fox Sports Radio returned to the Sirius XM radio lineup on January 20, 2017.

As the network concentrates on sports news, highlights, analysis and opinion at any time of the week, many of its affiliates opt out to air their own local show or provide live coverage of play-by-play games. As a result, several shows that these affiliates simulcast may not be full-length.

Fox Sports Radio local affiliates

This is a partial station listings for local affiliates of Fox Sports Radio.[2]

Callsign Frequency Band City State
WSBM 1340 AM Florence Alabama
KTZN 550 AM Anchorage Alaska
KXFF 106.1 FM Colorado City Arizona
KGME 910 AM Phoenix Arizona
KHGG-FM 103.1 FM Fort Smith Arkansas
KVMA 630 AM Magnolia Arkansas
KBFP 800 AM Bakersfield California
KHTY 970 AM Bakersfield California
KCBL 1340 AM Fresno California
KAVL 610 AM Lancaster California
KLAC 570 AM Los Angeles California
KNRO 1400 AM Redding California
KGB 760 AM San Diego California
KGMZ-FM 95.7 FM San Francisco California
KKSE-FM 92.5 FM Broomfield-Denver Colorado
WWTX 1290 AM Wilmington Delaware
WINZ 940 AM Miami Florida
WTLY 1270 AM Tallahassee Florida
WMEN 640 AM West Palm Beach Florida
WJZS 106.1 FM Live Oak Florida
WLOP 1370 AM Jesup Georgia
WBIG 1280 AM Aurora Illinois
WDZ 1050 AM Decatur Illinois
WZPN 101.1 FM Peoria Illinois
WKJG 1380 AM Fort Wayne Indiana
WNDE 1260 AM Indianapolis Indiana
KXNO 1460 AM Des Moines Iowa
KBKB 1360 AM Fort Madison Iowa
KCNZ 1650 AM Waterloo-Cedar Falls Iowa
WCDS 1230 AM Glasgow Kentucky
WGKY 95.9 FM Wickliffe Kentucky
KWKH 1130 AM Shreveport Louisiana
WJJB 96.3 FM Portland Maine
WBZ-FM 98.5 FM Boston Massachusetts
WPKZ 1280 AM Fitchburg Massachusetts
WBEC 1420 AM Pittsfield Massachusetts
KFXN-FM 100.3 FM Minneapolis Minnesota
KAKK 1570 AM Walker Minnesota
KYRX 97.3 FM Marble Hill Missouri
KGMY 1400 AM Springfield Missouri
KEAU 104.7 FM Elko Nevada
KKGK 1340 AM Las Vegas Nevada
WCTC 1450 AM New Brunswick New Jersey
KABQ 1350 AM Albuquerque New Mexico
WENE 1430 AM Binghamton New York
WEBG 95.9 FM Mina New York
WHTK 1280 AM Rochester New York
WOFX 980 AM Troy New York
WNER 1410 AM Watertown New York
WISE 1310 AM Asheville North Carolina
WYSE 970 AM Canton North Carolina
KQWB 1660 AM Fargo North Dakota
WARF 1350 AM Akron-Cleveland Ohio
WSAI 1360 AM Cincinnati Ohio
WMNI 920 AM Columbus Ohio
WONE 980 AM Dayton Ohio
WEOL 930 AM Elyria-Lorain Ohio
WNXT 1260 AM Portsmouth Ohio
WCWA 1230 AM Toledo Ohio
WNIO 1390 AM Youngstown Ohio
KTSB 1170 AM Tulsa Oklahoma
CFGO 1200 AM Ottawa Ontario
KORE 1050 AM Eugene Oregon
KPOJ 620 AM Portland Oregon
WEEX 1230 AM Easton Pennsylvania
WTKT 1460 AM Harrisburg Pennsylvania
WDAS 1480 AM Philadelphia Pennsylvania
WFNN 1330 AM Erie Pennsylvania
WROO 104.9 FM Mauldin South Carolina
WSPG 1400 AM Spartanburg South Carolina
WCSV 1490 AM Crossville Tennessee
WJPJ 1190 AM Humboldt Tennessee
WKGN 1340 AM Knoxville Tennessee
WAKI 1230 AM McMinnville Tennessee
KWKC 1340 AM Abilene Texas
KVET 1300 AM Austin Texas
KTCK 1310 AM Dallas Texas
KTCK-FM 96.7 FM Dallas Texas
KBME 790 AM Houston Texas
KMND 1510 AM Midland-Odessa Texas
KTKR 760 AM San Antonio Texas
WSYB 1380 AM Rutland Vermont
WVAX 1450 AM Charlottesville Virginia
WFTR 1450 AM Front Royal Virginia
WGH 1310 AM Newport News Virginia
KJR-FM 93.3 FM Seattle-Tacoma Washington
KJR 950 AM Seattle-Tacoma Washington
KGA 1510 AM Spokane Washington
KBBO 1390 AM Yakima Washington
WMMN 920 AM Fairmont West Virginia
WNFL 1440 AM Green Bay Wisconsin
WTSO 1070 AM Madison Wisconsin
WOKY 920 AM Milwaukee Wisconsin
WRNW 97.3 FM Milwaukee Wisconsin
WBIZ 1400 AM Eau Claire Wisconsin


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