HE 1
Role Reconnaissance floatplane
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Caspar-Werke
Designer Ernst Heinkel
First flight 1923
Primary user Swedish Navy (Marinen )
Number built 14

The Heinkel HE 1 (aka Caspar S 1) was a two-seat, low-wing monoplane floatplane, designed in 1921 by German designer Ernst Heinkel at Caspar-Werke.

The HE 1 was produced under licence in Sweden for the Marinen (Swedish Navy) in 1921 as the Svenska S.2. The HE 1 was powered by a 179 kW (240 hp) Maybach Mb.IVa engine; one test aircraft was powered by a Siddeley Puma engine.


Data from [1]

General characteristics


1 × flexible machine gun in rear cockpit




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