Saab 36
Saab Project 1300-76, the finalised configuration.
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Saab AB
Status Cancelled project
Number built none

The Saab 36 (also known as Projekt 1300) was a cancelled Swedish supersonic bomber planned by Saab AB during the 1950s. The aircraft was intended to be able to carry an 800 kg free-falling nuclear weapon, but the Swedish nuclear weapons program was cancelled in the 1960s; the plans for the bomber had been cancelled in 1957. The Saab 36 was to be fitted with delta wings, as was the Saab 35 Draken fighter. The engine was to be a version of the British Bristol Olympus turbojet, the same engine powering the Avro Vulcan jet bomber.

Saab Project 1300-71D wind tunnel model used in the studies.

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