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The IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge was an annual hammer throw series, organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) from 2010 until the end of 2019 season. The series of hammer throw competitions for men and women were primary held at meetings with IAAF World Challenge status. The rankings were decided by combining the total (in metres) of each athlete's three greatest throws at the permit events during the season. Further points could be gained by those who broke or equalled the world record mark for the event.[1]

The competition's creation was a result of the IAAF Golden League being replaced by the IAAF Diamond League in 2010 – hammer throw was the sole track and field event not to feature on the new top level circuit. The challenge was designed to allow hammer throwers to compete in a global seasonal competition, similar to that found for other track and field events on the Diamond League. In 2020, World Athletics launched the World Continental Tour including hammer throw competitions.

The total prize money available in 2010 was US$202,000, split evenly between male and female athletes. The male and female winners each received $30,000, while second and third placed athletes were entitled to $20,000 and $14,000 respectively. Increasingly smaller prizes were given to the remaining throwers who rank in the top twelve.[1][2] The eleven meetings which had permit status in 2010 offered either a men's contest, a women's contest, or both – an arrangement which gave athletes of each sex a total of seven opportunities to score points for the challenge.[1]

The most successful athlete of the series was Poland's Anita Włodarczyk, who won the women's title six times straight from 2013 to 2018.[3] Her compatriot Paweł Fajdek was the most successful man, with five victories.[4] Germany's Betty Heidler and Hungarian Krisztián Pars have each won the title on three occasions. Fajdek holds the men's series record score of 248.48 metres while Włodarczyk is the women's series record holder with 240.44 metres.


Edition Year Start date End date Meets Ref.
1 2010 24 April 1 September 11 [5]
2 2011 8 May 13 September 9 [6]
3 2012 6 May 9 September 8 [7]
4 2013 5 May 8 September 15 [8]
5 2014 11 May 7 September 13 [9]
6 2015 21 March 13 September 14 [10]
7 2016 5 March 19 August 11 [11]
8 2017 21 May 11 August 9 [12]
9 2018 19 May 22 August 10 [13]
10 2019 28 April 2 October 10 [14]



# Meeting Arena City Country 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
1 IAAF World Challenge Dakar Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor Dakar Senegal W W W W B
2 Golden Grand Prix Osaka Yanmar Stadium Nagai Osaka Japan M M M M W W W M W
3 Colorful Daegu Championships Meeting Daegu Stadium Daegu South Korea W W W
4 Grande Premio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos Rio de Janeiro Brazil B B B W W M M
5 Golden Spike Ostrava Městský stadion Ostrava Czech Republic B B B B B B B B B W
6 Fanny Blankers-Koen Games Fanny Blankers-Koen Stadion Hengelo Netherlands M
7 Paavo Nurmi Games Paavo Nurmi Stadium Turku Finland M M M M M W
8 Brothers Znamensky Memorial Meteor Stadium Zhukovsky Russia W B B
9 Gyulai István Memorial Bregyó közi Regionális Atlétika Központ Székesfehérvár Hungary M B B B W W B
10 Meeting de Atletismo Madrid Centro Deportivo Moratalaz Madrid Spain M M M M M W
11 ISTAF Berlin Olympiastadion Berlin Germany W W W W W
12 Rieti Meeting Stadio Raul Guidobaldi Rieti Italy B B B B M M
13 Hanžeković Memorial Sportski Park Mladost Zagreb Croatia M M M
14 Ponce Grand Prix de Atletismo Estadio Francisco Montaner Ponce Puerto Rico M B
15 IAAF World Challenge Beijing Beijing National Stadium Beijing China W W W W
16 Prefontaine Classic Hayward Field Eugene United States W M
17 Moscow Challenge Luzhniki Stadium Moscow Russia W B
18 Janusz Kusociński Memorial City Athletics Stadium Szczecin Poland B M B B B B B
19 Karlstad Grand Prix Tingvalla IP Karlstad Sweden M M M
20 World Championships Varies Varies Varies B B B B
21 Rabat Meeting Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium Rabat Morocco W M
22 Melbourne Track Classic Lakeside Stadium Melbourne Australia M M
23 Jamaica International Invitational Independence Park Kingston Jamaica W W
24 Olympic Games Varies Varies Varies B
25 PTS Meeting Šamorín x-bionic sphere Šamorín Slovakia B M
26 Kamila Skolimowska Memorial Silesian Stadium Chorzów Poland W
27 Nanjing World Challenge Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Nanjing China W
28 European Athletics Festival Bydgoszcz Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium Bydgoszcz Poland M
29 Pál Németh Memorial IAAF Training Centre Szombathely Hungary B



Year Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Koji Murofushi
 Japan (JPN)
238.52 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
236.02 Libor Charfreitag
 Slovakia (SVK)
2011 Krisztián Pars
 Hungary (HUN)
239.03 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
235.72 Primož Kozmus
 Slovenia (SLO)
2012 Krisztián Pars
 Hungary (HUN)
242.35 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
236.47 Aleksey Sokirskiy
 Ukraine (UKR)
2013 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
244.23 Krisztián Pars
 Hungary (HUN)
244.17 Lukáš Melich
 Czech Republic (CZE)
2014 Krisztián Pars
 Hungary (HUN)
244.84 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
241.49 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
2015 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
248.01 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
236.20 Krisztián Pars
 Hungary (HUN)
2016 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
242.89 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
236.37 Wojciech Nowicki
 Poland (POL)
2017 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
248.48 Wojciech Nowicki
 Poland (POL)
236.32 Dilshod Nazarov
 Tajikistan (TJK)
2018 Wojciech Nowicki
 Poland (POL)
241.89 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
240.04 Bence Halász
 Hungary (HUN)
2019 Paweł Fajdek
 Poland (POL)
241.86 Wojciech Nowicki
 Poland (POL)
237.47 Bence Halász
 Hungary (HUN)


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
225.88 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
225.30 Tatyana Lysenko
 Russia (RUS)
2011 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
228.09 Yipsi Moreno
 Cuba (CUB)
220.46 Kathrin Klaas
 Germany (GER)
2012 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
230.49 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
223.13 Tatyana Lysenko
 Russia (RUS)
2013 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
233.83 Tatyana Lysenko
 Russia (RUS)
227.59 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
2014 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
232.52 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
228.54 Kathrin Klaas
 Germany (GER)
2015 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
235.28 Betty Heidler
 Germany (GER)
222.28 Martina Hrašnová
 Slovakia (SVK)
2016 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
240.44 Sophie Hitchon
 Great Britain & N.I. (GBR)
218.11 Zalina Petrivskaya
 Moldova (MDA)
2017 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
235.62 Wang Zheng
 China (CHN)
225.77 Hanna Skydan
 Azerbaijan (AZE)
2018 Anita Włodarczyk
 Poland (POL)
228.12 Gwen Berry
 United States (USA)
223.31 Joanna Fiodorow
 Poland (POL)
2019 DeAnna Price
 United States (USA)
226.55 Wang Zheng
 China (CHN)
226.34 Joanna Fiodorow
 Poland (POL)

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