IAAF Super Grand Prix
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The IAAF Super Grand Prix was an annual series of one-day track and field competitions organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Over the competition's history, a total of nine different meetings were part of the circuit – all of which were European meetings with the sole exception of the Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix, introduced in 2004.

Created in 2003, it became the second-highest tier in the IAAF World Outdoor Meetings series, behind the IAAF Golden League and above the IAAF Grand Prix and IAAF Grand Prix II level meetings. It began with seven meetings and expanded to eight meetings for the 2004 and 2005 series. In 2006 the competition was incorporated into the IAAF World Athletics Tour, retaining its status as the second highest tier of annual meetings. The series was reduced in scope to six meetings that year, then had only five meetings in its last three years.

Athletes earned points at the meetings, dependent upon their finishing position, and the overall points leaders from the wider circuit gained entry to the annual IAAF World Athletics Final.[1] The IAAF Super Grand Prix was made defunct along with the World Athletics Tour in 2010, as both were replaced by the IAAF Diamond League and IAAF World Challenge series. Six of the nine Super Grand Prix meetings were elevated to the Diamond League series.[2]


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Edition Year Start date End date Meets Ref.
1 2003 12 June 8 August 7 [3]
2 2004 14 May 30 July 8 [4]
3 2005 13 May 21 August 8 [5]
4 2006 12 May 20 August 6 [6]
5 2007 11 May 7 August 5 [7]
6 2008 9 May 2 September 5 [8]
7 2009 8 May 31 August 5 [9]


# Meeting City Country 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
7 Athletissima Lausanne Switzerland SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP
7 London Grand Prix London United Kingdom SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP
6 DN Galan Stockholm Sweden SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP
4 Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix Doha Qatar SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP
4 Herculis Monte Carlo Monaco SGP SGP SGP SGP
4 Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria Athens Greece SGP SGP SGP SGP
3 British Grand Prix Gateshead United Kingdom SGP SGP SGP
3 Golden Spike Ostrava Ostrava Czech Republic SGP SGP SGP
3 Meeting de Atletismo Madrid Madrid Spain SGP SGP SGP


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