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The Czechoslovak Athletics Championships (Czech: Mistrovství Československé v atletice) was an annual outdoor track and field competition organised by the Czechoslovakia Athletics Association, which served as the national championship for the sport in Czechoslovakia.

Typically organised in July or August, the event was first held in 1919 (the first summer after the country's formation) until 1992. The competition was not held in the years from 1938 to 1944 due to World War II and ran for 66 editions in total. It was superseded by the Czech Athletics Championships and Slovak Athletics Championships following the country's dissolution in 1993. Czechoslovakia had sometimes hosted separate Czech and Slovak sub-national championships before then.[1][2]

The Czechoslovak Indoor Athletics Championships was later introduced in 1969 to complement the summer outdoor event with a spring one.[3]


By its final year, the competition programme featured a total of 35 individual Czechoslovak Championship athletics events, 19 for men and 16 for women. For men, there were seven track running events, three obstacle events, four jumps, four throws, and the decathlon. Women did not have pole vault, hammer throw or 3000 metres steeplechase championship contests.[2]

Track running
Obstacle events
Jumping events
Throwing events
Combined events

Men competed in a 200 metres hurdles until 1967, by which point the event had fallen out of favour in international competitions. The women's programme was gradually expanded from the 1960s onwards, with the 1500 m appearing in 1969, the 3000 m in 1972, the 10,000 m in 1984, and the triple jump in 1990. The women's hurdles events gradually changed too: the 80 metres hurdles became the 100 m version in 1968, a 200 m version was held from 1970 to 1972, then the women's 400 m hurdles began in 1975. The women's combined event was the athletics pentathlon up to 1980.[2]

Separate championship events were held for road running and walks, and cross country running.


# Year Date Venue
1st 1919 June Prague
2nd 1920 July Prague
3rd 1921 July Prague
4th 1922 July Prague
5th 1923 June Prague
6th 1924 June Prague
7th 1925 July Prague
8th 1926 June Brno
9th 1927 June Brno
10th 1928 July Prague
11th 1929 June Prague
12th 1930 June Brno
13th 1931 June Prague
14th 1932 June Brno
15th 1933 July Pardubice
16th 1934 June Prague
17th 1935 June Prague
18th 1936 July Prague
19th 1937 July Prague
20th 1945 August Prague
21st 1946 August Prague
22nd 1947 August Prague
23rd 1948 June Prague
24th 1949 July Prague
25th 1950 August Bratislava
26th 1951 July Brno
27th 1952 June Prague
28th 1953 July Prague
29th 1954 August Ostrava
30th 1955 September Brno
31st 1956 September Bratislava
32nd 1957 August Prague
33rd 1958 July Ostrava
34th 1959 July Prague
35th 1960 July Brno
36th 1961 September Prague
36th 1962 July Ostrava
37th 1963 July Hradec Králové
38th 1964 July Prague
39th 1965 July Zábřeh
40th 1966 August Třinec
41st 1967 July Sokolov
42nd 1968 July Jablonec nad Nisou
43rd 1969 July Považská Bystrica
44th 1970 September Ostrava
45th 1971 September Prague
46th 1972 July Prague
47th 1973 September Banská Bystrica
48th 1974 July Prague
49th 1975 August Bratislava
50th 1976 August Třinec
51st 1977 August Ostrava
52nd 1978 August Prague
53rd 1979 July Prague
54th 1980 July Prague
55th 1981 August Ostrava
56th 1982 July Prague
57th 1983 July Prague
58th 1984 July Prague
59th 1985 August Prague
60th 1986 July Bratislava
61st 1987 August Třinec
62nd 1988 July Prague
63rd 1989 July Banská Bystrica
64th 1990 July Prague
65th 1991 July Ostrava
66th 1992 July Nitra


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