Athletics at the I Pacific Ocean Games
The host stadium in 2012
DatesJune 24–July 2
Host cityCali, Colombia
VenueEstadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero

At the 1995 Pacific Ocean Games, the athletics events were held at the Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero in Cali, Colombia from June 24 to July 2.[1] A total of 31 events were contested, of which 14 by male and 17 by female athletes.[2] The athletics competition did not attract many of the highest level athletes from the Pacific Rim countries and the host nation athletes were foremost among in the medallists.[3] Colombia topped the medal table with 14 gold medals and 41 medals overall.[4] The United States won the next highest number of gold medals, with four, while Chile had the next highest medal total, with ten.

American Randall Evans completed a 100 metres/200 metres double in the men's section and surprised the crowd by stripping topless in his victory.[3] Other doubles were achieved by host nation athletes Jacinto Navarrete (men's 1500 metres and 5000 metres) and María Isabel Urrutia (women's shot put and discus throw), and also by Mexico's María del Carmen Díaz (women's 5000 m and 10,000 metres).

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(Wind: +2.1 m/s)
 Randall Evans (USA) 10.22w  Marlin Cannon (USA) 10.40w  Huang Hsin-Ping (TPE) 10.41w
200 metres  Randall Evans (USA) 20.65  Marlin Cannon (USA) 20.70  Ricardo Roach (CHI) 20.96
400 metres[nb1]  Son Ju-Il (KOR) 46.02  Wilson Cañizales (COL) 46.81  Ricardo Roach (CHI) 47.64
800 metres  Pablo Squella (CHI) 1:50.42  Alcides Pinto (COL) 1:51.08  Rolando Ortíz (COL) 1:53.03
1500 metres  Jacinto Navarrete (COL) 4:08.32  Jesús Capula (MEX) 4:08.85  Víctor Cano (COL) 4:09.27
5000 metres  Jacinto Navarrete (COL) 13:49.40  Gabino Apolonio (MEX) 13:51.21  Herder Vásquez (COL) 14:14.06
10,000 metres  Herder Vásquez (COL) 29:46.81  Jesús Capula (MEX) 30:30.85  William Roldán (COL) 30:57.01
110 metres hurdles  Takahiro Matsuhisa (JPN) 13.88  Arturo Rodríguez (CHI) 13.99  José Humberto Rivas (COL) 14.42
400 metres hurdles  Ryan Hayden (USA) 49.98  Llimy Rivas (COL) 51.22  Alex Foster (CRC) 54.20
4 × 100 metres relay  Colombia (COL)
Luis Vega
John Mena
Wilson Canizales
Wenceslao Ferrín
39.81 NR  Ecuador (ECU)
Dick Perlaza
Eddy Quiñones
Freddy Nieves
Fabricio Lara
40.22  Chinese Taipei (TPE)
Nai Hui-fang
Huang Hsin Ping
Tao Wu-shiun
Hu Wen Yu
20 km walk  Héctor Moreno (COL) 1:28:06  Querubín Moreno (COL) 1:36:31  Carlos Montalván (ECU) 1:37:54
High jump  Lee Jin-taek (KOR) 2.29 m  Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.29 m  Omar Dixon (USA) 2.10 m
Pole vault  Cristián Aspillaga (CHI) 5.10 m Only one athlete cleared a height
Long jump  Nai Hui-fang (TPE) 7.72 m  Lewis Asprilla (COL) 7.09 m  Freddy Nieves (ECU) 6.88 m


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Mirtha Brock (COL) 11.2  Felipa Palacios (COL) 11.3  Chen Shu-Chuan (TPE) 11.6
200 metres  Maicel Malone (USA) 22.59  Patricia Rodríguez (COL) 23.16  Felipa Palacios (COL) 23.78
400 metres  Ximena Restrepo (COL) 52.66  Ana Solano (ECU) 60.30  Zulay Nazareno (ECU) 60.32
800 metres  Norfalia Carabalí (COL) 2:10.38  Clara Morales (CHI) 2:11.99  Janeth Lucumí (COL) 2:12.94
1500 metres  Clara Morales (CHI) 4:37.09  Bertha Sánchez (COL) 4:38.56  María del Carmen Díaz (MEX) 4:41.45
5000 metres  María del Carmen Díaz (MEX) 16:23.76  Iglandini González (COL) 16:35.62  Marlene Flores (CHI) 17:16.80
10,000 metres  María del Carmen Díaz (MEX) 33:42.64  Iglandini González (COL) 35:17.19  Marlene Flores (CHI) 36:15.83
100 metres hurdles  Chan Sau Ying (HKG) 13.37  Carmen Bezanilla (CHI) 13.67  Zorobabelia Córdoba (COL) 14.45
400 metres hurdles  Flor Robledo (COL) 58.82  Pan Hsiu-Lan (TPE) 60.27  Ondina Rodríguez (ECU) 65.17
4 × 100 metres relay  Colombia (COL) 44.53  Ecuador (ECU) 49.46 Only two starting teams
10,000 m walk  Miriam Ramón (ECU) 48:36.29  Liliana Bermeo (COL) 48:48.74  María Colín (MEX) 49:14.97
High jump  Tang Li-Wen (TPE) 1.70 m  Fernanda Mosquera (COL) 1.70 m  Zorobabelia Córdoba (COL) 1.55 m
Long jump  Helena Guerrero (COL) 5.88 m  Milly Figueroa (COL) 5.75 m  Narcisa Gaona (ECU) 5.28 m
Triple jump  Milly Figueroa (COL) 12.15 m  Eyda Rentería (COL) 11.68 m  María Calderón (ESA) 10.42 m
Shot put  María Urrutia (COL) 14.81 m  Dolores Tuimoloau (ASA) 13.80 m  Zorobabelia Córdoba (COL) 12.48 m
Discus throw  María Urrutia (COL) 52.52 m  Eva María Dimas (ESA) 45.00 m  María Eugenia Villamizar (COL) 43.84 m
Hammer throw  Aya Suzuki (JPN) 55.96 m  María Eugenia Villamizar (COL) 54.82 m  Eva María Dimas (ESA) 43.28 m

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1 Colombia (COL)*14161141
2 United States (USA)4217
3 Chile (CHI)33410
4 Mexico (MEX)2316
5 Chinese Taipei (TPE)2136
6 Japan (JPN)2002
 South Korea (KOR)2002
8 Ecuador (ECU)1359
9 Hong Kong (HKG)1001
10 El Salvador (ESA)0134
11 American Samoa (ASA)0101
12 Costa Rica (CRC)0011
Totals (12 entries)31302990

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