Athletics at the Pan American Games
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No. of events48 (men: 24; women: 24)

Since its first edition held in 1951, athletics events have been competed at the Pan American Games. The events list follows the Olympic model as the Games are an IOC sanctioned competition.


Year Host
1951 Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1955 Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
1959 United States
Chicago, United States
1963 Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
1967 Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
1971 Colombia
Cali, Colombia
1975 Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
1979 Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
1983 Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
1987 United States
Indianapolis, United States
1991 Cuba
Havana, Cuba
1995 Argentina
Mar del Plata, Argentina
1999 Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
2003 Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
2007 Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011 Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
2015 Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2019 Peru
Lima, Peru

Medal table

1 United States (USA)299258182739
2 Cuba (CUB)137122109368
3 Brazil (BRA)645668188
4 Canada (CAN)557188214
5 Mexico (MEX)534838139
6 Jamaica (JAM)28333899
7 Argentina (ARG)17182964
8 Chile (CHI)13122045
9 Colombia (COL)11183362
10 Ecuador (ECU)108523
11 Bahamas (BAH)6141232
12 Venezuela (VEN)5111329
13 Peru (PER)44614
14 Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)3131329
15 Guatemala (GUA)35816
16 Dominican Republic (DOM)33915
17 British West Indies (BWI)23510
18 Costa Rica (CRC)2103
19 Saint Lucia (LCA)2035
20 Puerto Rico (PUR)161118
21 Panama (PAN)1348
22 Grenada (GRN)1326
 Guyana (GUY)1326
24 Barbados (BAR)12811
25 Antigua and Barbuda (ANT)1247
26 Suriname (SUR)1124
27 Netherlands Antilles (AHO)1012
28 British Virgin Islands (IVB)1001
 El Salvador (ESA)1001
30 Uruguay (URU)0279
31 Dominica (DMA)0213
 Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)0213
33 Cayman Islands (CAY)0202
34 Paraguay (PAR)0101
35 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN)0022
 Virgin Islands (ISV)0022
Totals (36 nations)7277277262180

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