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Isaiah Crockett
Isaiah as Slagger/Joto
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceTeen Titans vol. 2, #1 (October 1996)
Created byDan Jurgens
In-story information
Alter egoIsaiah Crockett
SpeciesHuman/H'San Natall Hybrid
Team affiliationsTeen Titans
Notable aliasesSlagger, Joto, Hot Spot
AbilitiesGenerating and sensing heat, flight, burning aura

Isaiah Crockett (currently known as Hot Spot, formerly Joto, and originally named Slagger, Issaiah) is a fictional character in publications from DC Comics. The character is a superhero and a former member of the Teen Titans.

Publication history

Isaiah Crockett first appeared in Teen Titans vol. 2 #1 and was created by Dan Jurgens.

Fictional character biography

Isaiah's mother was already pregnant with him when she married Judge Crockett, who was unaware that the unborn child was half-alien (part Human and part H'San Natall). At age 16, Isaiah qualified to enter college, but on his first day at Ivy University, he and two other students (Toni Monettia who would later become Argent, and Cody Driscoll who would later become Risk) were abducted by the H'san Natall. Also abducted was The Atom, who was caught in the energy stream as well. On board the alien ship, they rescued the Earth girl who would later become Prysm, and from there they escaped.[1] During these events, the students learned that they were all half H'san Natall. They stayed together and formed another incarnation of the Teen Titans.[2]

Isaiah initially took up the name Slagger, but his father suggested another codename, Joto, which is Swahili for "heat". During a battle with Haze (Jarrod Jupiter), he was badly burned.[3] Before he died, he touched Prysm on the cheek, sending out a heat pulse with his life essence into her. Later, the H'san Natall had repaired his body, although he was a mindless killing machine in this state.[4] When Prysm came within close proximity of him, his life essence transferred back into his body and he regained control. Together, the Titans and Superman were able to talk the H'san Natall out of further aggression. The team disbanded and went their own ways. Joto would later aid the Titans during the Technis Imperative conflict, which also involved the Justice League and all past Titan members.

During the one-year gap depicted in 52, Isaiah briefly rejoined the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans under the name Hot Spot. During the events leading up to Final Crisis, Hot Spot was one of the young heroes considered for the team membership drive. Ultimately, Isaiah was passed over in favor of Static, Aquagirl, and Kid Eternity.

During Superboy-Prime's attack on Titans Tower, Hot Spot (along with Prysm and Argent) appeared as one of many former and prospective Teen Titans who arrived to assist the current team.[5]

During the "Dark Nights: Metal" storyline, Hot Spot is shown as a member of the Teen Titans. He nearly killed Replicant before Sideways intervened.[6]

During the Heroes in Crisis storyline, Hot Spot is among the heroes killed in an energy blast caused by Savitar.[7]

Powers and abilities

Hot Spot originally had the power to increase the temperature of any object he touched, and he could sense heat via a kind of infrared vision. His original Joto costume was equipped with a wrist mounted cannon, with which he could fire projectiles which were superheated by his powers.

During One Year Later, Hot Spot's powers seem to have evolved, allowing him to fly and surround himself with an aura of flame. Any other new powers have yet to be seen. This change in his powers and name seem to be inspired by the characterization he received in the animated series.

In other media


Isaiah Crockett appears in the Teen Titans TV series briefly voiced by Khary Payton in the first appearance and by Bumper Robinson in later appearances. The character was renamed Hot Spot (which later happened in the comics) when the show staff learned that Joto is a derogatory term for homosexuals in Spanish as well as being Swahili for "Heat". For that reason, the mainstream character adopted the name Hot Spot, too. He appears in the episode "Winner Take All" in which he takes part in a tournament hosted by the Master of Games, a villain who gains the powers of those who lose in the tournament. Hot Spot was defeated in the first round to Robin but appears again with the rest to fight the Master of Games after the tournament was over. Hot Spot was the main focus of the animated episode "Trust" in which he is chased by Madame Rouge and tries to defend himself against her. Robin intervenes to save him and Hot Spot seemingly defeats her after buildings collapse, but Robin is unaware that Hot Spot is Madame Rouge in disguise. He and Wildebeest are the first Titans to be captured and flash-frozen by the Brotherhood. Más y Menos thaw out all of the Titans when reinforcements arrive. Hot Spot and Wildebeest join the fight, and when Madame Rouge attempts to stop the original Teen Titans from reaching The Brain, they struggle and succeed in overpowering her. They throw her onto a conveyor belt after Jinx makes "bad luck" for her by sinking her feet in the ground, preventing her from getting away. She is subsequently frozen by Mas y Menos. Aside from Jinx, Hot Spot and Kid Flash are the only honorary Titans to have episodes completely focused on them.


Hot Spot appeared in an issue of the Teen Titans Go! comics.


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