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SiblingsBharadvaja, Kacha

Kesari is a male vanara, a character in Hindu mythology.[1] He is the father of Hanuman and husband of Anjana.[2]


While Kesari resided in Mount Meru, Brahmā cursed an apsara named Managarva, and turned her into a vanara. She married Kesari, under the name Anjana. For a long time, the couple were childless. Anjana propitiated Vayu for a child.

In Shaiva tradition, Shiva was requested to beget a son to help Vishnu, who was about to incarnate as Rama to slay Ravana. Shiva and Parvati took the form of vanaras and engaged in intercourse. When Vayu appeared, the couple made their presence know, and Parvati revealed the child inside her. Parvati refused to take the foetus in the form of a vanara to Kailasa. As Shiva had instructed, Parvati offered the child to Vayu, who transferred it to Anjana's womb, who gave birth to Hanuman.[3]

In popular culture

Year Name Played by Channel Country
1997 Jai Hanuman Deepak Jethi DD Metro India
2015 Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman Gagan Kang Sony Entertainment Television India


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