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The wedding ceremony of Mandavi and Bharata.
Personal information
ParentsKushadhvaja (father), Chandrabhaga (mother)
DynastyRaghuvamsha (by marriage)

Mandavi (Sanskrit: माण्डवी, romanizedMāṇḍavī) is a princess and the eldest daughter of King Kushadhvaja in the Hindu epic Ramayana.[1] She is the wife of Bharata, a younger brother of Rama. Mandavi is considered to be an incarnation of the conch shell of Lakshmi.[2]


In the Ramayana, Sunayana and Chandrabhaga, the wives of Janaka and Kushadhvaja, gave birth to Urmila and Mandavi. Chandrabhaga later gives birth to her second daughter and Mandavi's sister, Shrutakirti.[3] After Rama won the hand of Sita at her svayamvara, his father, King Dasharatha arrived in Mithila for his son's wedding. He noticed that Lakshmana had feelings for Urmila, King Janaka's younger daughter, but according to tradition, Bharata and Mandavi had to marry first. King Dasharatha arranged for Bharata to marry Mandavi and for Shatrughna to marry Shrutakirti, allowing Lakshmana to marry Urmila. Ultimately, all four sisters married the four brothers, strengthening the alliance between the kingdoms.[4] They have two sons, Taksha and Pushkala.[5]

When her mother-in-law Kaikeyi demanded that Bharata be crowned and Rama be exiled, Mandavi was shocked to hear the news. She did not have the courage to face her sisters, Sita and Urmila, as she did not wish to become a queen. She used to take care of her in-laws, along with her sister Shrutakirti, when her cousin Sita, her brothers-in-law Rama and Lakshmana were exiled. During their exile, Mandavi stayed at Nandigrama, where she devoted her time to worshipping Rama's paduka. Mandavi also spent time with her husband Bharata, chanting the ramanama and supporting him. Like Bharata, Mandavi led a saintly vānaprastha life, dedicating her time to meditation and serving their mothers Kausalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi. Meanwhile, Bharata carried out his responsibilities as per Rama's commands and governed the kingdom.[citation needed]

Mandavi is regarded to be an aspect of Lakshmi, merging with the goddess following the death. According to the Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas, Mandvi and Shrutakirti performed the practice of sati and immolated themselves on their husbands' funeral pyres.[citation needed]


In the Medak district of Telangana, there is a temple called Sri Kalyana Ramachandra Sannadhi that is dedicated to Bharata and Mandavi. This temple is the only one in India that has installed statues of Rama's brothers and their wives.[6][7]

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