In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Mandavi is the eldest daughter of King Kushadhwaja and Queen Mālāvatī.[1] She is the wife of Bharata, a

Ramayana - Marriage of Rama Bharata Lakshmana and Shatrughna.jpg
Wedding ceremony of Mandavi
Personal information
ParentsKushadhvaja (father), Mālāvatī (mother)
ChildrenTaksha, Pushkala (sons)
DynastyRaghuvamsha (by marriage)

younger brother of Rama.


Princess Mandavi has a younger sister, Shrutakirti.[2] Mandavi is married to King Dasharatha's second son, Bharata.[3] They have two sons, Taksha and Pushkala.[4]

She used to take care of her in-laws, along with her sister Shrutakirti, when her cousin Sita, when her brothers-in-law Rama and Lakshmana were exiled, and Urmila slept in the place of her husband.


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