Kibwezi Constituency was an electoral constituency in Kenya. It was one of five constituencies in Makueni District. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections. After the 2010 constitution, there were six constituencies set up in Makueni County, with Kibwezi Constituency being split into Kibwezi West Constituency and Kibwezi East Constituency.

The towns of Kibwezi, Makindu and Mtito Andei were located within this constituency.

Members of Parliament

Elections MP[1] Party Notes
1988 Agnes Mutindi Ndetei KANU One-party system.
1992 Agnes Mutindi Ndetei DP
1997 Onesmus Mutinda Mboko SDP
2002 Richard Kalembe Ndile NARC
2007 Philip Kaloki ODM-Kenya

Locations and wards

Location Population*
Chyulu Hills Nat. Park 2
Kambu 11.642
Kiboko 9,933
Kikumbulyu 41,223
Kinyambu 8,370
Makindu 18,410
Masongaleni 24,283
Mtito Andei 24,368
Ngwata 11,797
Nguumo 25,189
Nthongoni 19,777
Nzambani 13,513
Tsavo West 12
Twaandu 7,658
Utithi 24,534
Total x
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Ivingoni / Mang'elete 3,044 Mtito Andei town
Kambu 1,808 Mtito Andei town
Kathekani / Darajani 2,839 Mtito Andei town
Mtito Andei 2,052 Mtito Andei town
Kikumbulyu 12,427 Makueni County
Kinyambu 10,742 Makueni County
Makindu 13,711 Makueni County
Masongaleni 5,932 Makueni County
Mtito Andei East 7,711 Makueni County
Mtito Andei West 3,559 Makueni County
Twaandu / Kiboko 5,475 Makueni County
Total 69,300
*September 2005.[2]


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