Mbooni Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of six constituencies in Makueni County. The constituency was established for the 1966 elections. The elected representative is a Member of the Kenya National Assembly. The current Member of National Assembly is Honorable Erastus Kivasu.

Members of Parliament

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1966 Simon Musau Kioko KANU
1969 Simon Musau Kioko KANU One-party system
1974 Fredrick Mulinge Kalulu KANU One-party system
1979 Fredrick Mulinge Kalulu KANU One-party system
1983 Joseph Konzollo Munyao KANU One-party system.
1988 Johnstone Mwendo Makau KANU One-party system.
1992 Johnstone Mwendo Makau KANU
1997 Fredrick Mulinge Kalulu KANU
2002 Joseph Konzollo Munyao NARC
2007 Mutula Kilonzo ODM-Kenya
2013 Michael Kisoi WDM-K
2017 Erustus Kivasu New Democrats

Locations and wards

Location Population*
Athi 6,184
Kako 7,636
Kalawa 9,974
Katangini 8,668
Kathulumbi 7,209
Kisau 18,766
Kiteta 23,253
Kithungo 15,467
Kitundu 15,089
Mbooni 37,549
Tulimani 39,789
Waia 19,428
Total x
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Kako 2,144 Wote town
Kalawa 4,970 Makueni county
Katangini 4,764 Makueni county
Kisau 11,445 Makueni county
Kiteta 7,470 Makueni county
Kithungo / Kitundu 9,092 Makueni county
Mbooni 11,219 Makueni county
Tulimani 13,329 Makueni county
Total 64,433
*September 2005.[2]


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