for the Parliament of Kenya
CountyNairobi City
Area8.8 km2 (3.4 sq mi)
Current constituency
Number of membersOne
PartyJubilee Party
Member(s)Yusuf Hassan Abdi
Created fromNairobi Central & Nairobi North-East

Kamukunji Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of seventeen constituencies of Nairobi County. It consists of central to eastern areas of Nairobi. Kamukunji constituency had common boundaries with Pumwani Division of Nairobi. The entire constituency is located within Nairobi City County area. The constituency has an area of 8.80 km2 (3.4 sq mi). The constituency forms part of what was known as Nairobi Central Constituency at the 1963 elections. Kamukunji Constituency was conceived prior to the 1969 elections. The current constituency boundaries were revised prior to the 2013 elections. It borders Starehe Constituency to the west, Makadara to the south, Embakasi West Constituency to the east, and Mathare Constituency to the north.

Prominent politician Tom Mboya was the first MP from this constituency. He was assassinated in 1969.

Members of Parliament

Elections MP[1] Party Notes
1963 Tom Mboya KANU
1969 Maina Wanjigi KANU One-party system
1974 Maina Wanjigi KANU One-party system
1979 Philip Nicholas Gor KANU One-party system
1983 Maina Wanjigi KANU One-party system
1988 Maina Wanjigi KANU One-party system
1992 George Nthenge FORD-Asili
1997 Norman Nyagah Democratic Party
2002 Norman Nyagah NARC
2007 Simon Mbugua PNU Results were not declared until August 2008 due to a court case.[2] However, he eventually lost the seat as the election was annulled by a court in January 2011[3]
2011 Yusuf Hassan Abdi PNU By-election 18 August 2011: Yusuf Hassan (PNU – 19,030), Jonny Ibrahim (ODM – 15,476), Brian Weke (Narc-Kenya – 4,064)[4][5]
2013 Yusuf Hassan Abdi TNA Election 4 March 2013 :
2017 Yusuf Hassan Abdi Jubilee Party Elections were held on 8 August 2017
2022 Yusuf Hassan Abdi Jubilee Party 2022 Kenyan general election[6]


After the promulgation of the 2010 constitution and the implementation of devolution, the 2013 elections had Kamukunji constituency boundaries were revised, reducing number of wards to five, while creating new ones, namely; California, Eastleigh North, Eastleigh South, Airbase and Pumwani wards.

Prior to 2013
Location Population*
Bahati 55,082
Eastleigh North 128,277
Eastleigh South 94,138
Kamukunji 35,851
Pumwani 59,616
Total 401,783
1999 census.[7]
Prior to 2013
Ward Registered Voters
Eastleigh North 21,450
Eastleigh South 14,721
Kimathi 7,010
Muthurwa/Shauri Moyo 17,513
Pumwani 18,032
Uhuru 11,860
Total 90,586
*September 2005.[8]

Kamukunji Sub-county

The Sub-county shares the same boundaries with what was the Pumwani Division; the division had common boundaries with Kamukunji Constituency prior to 2013. The Sub-county is headed by the sub-county administrator, appointed by a County Public Service Board.[9]


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