Saboti Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of five constituencies in Trans-Nzoia County. The constituency was established for the 1988 election.

Members of Parliament

Elections. MP[1] Party Notes
1988 Wafula Wabuge KANU One-party system.
1992 Michael Wamalwa Kijana Ford-Kenya
1997 Michael Wamalwa Kijana Ford-Kenya
2002 Michael Wamalwa Kijana NARC Kijana died in 2003.
2003 Davies Wafula Nakitare NARC He won the by-election by defeating Eugene Wamalwa
2007 Eugene Wamalwa PNU
2013 David Lazaro Wafula New Ford Kenya
2017 Caleb Amisi Luyai ODM
2022 Caleb Amisi Luyai ODM


Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Hospital 5,876 Kitale municipality
Kibomet 1,257 Kitale municipality
Kiminini 16,106 Nzoia county
Kinyoro 5,966 Nzoia county
Kipsongo 6,719 Kitale municipality
Kisawai 5,321 Nzoia county
Lessos 1,670 Kitale municipality
Machewa 11,537 Nzoia county
Masaba 4,852 Kitale municipality
Matisi 4,766 Nzoia county
Milimani 3,549 Kitale municipality
Mumia 2,355 Kitale municipality
Saboti 6,198 Nzoia county
Sokoni 3,809 Kitale municipality
Tuwani 3,073 Kitale municipality
Waitaluk 14,228 Nzoia county
Webuye 1,027 Kitale municipality
Total 98,309
*September 2005.[2]